Tomorrow, in addition to continuing/propagating the Cycle Of Proofs, I walk up the mountain with Bri to repatriate my mother; the ashes that I have been guarding/mourning for several years now will finally be returned. Now, as she intended, she will also be concatenated, cohered, and that part of my work is finished as well. Bri and I have been planning this; it seems coincidence that it should come now, but it isn’t.

A few days after that, after we bury my mother and clear my own slate, the child, the newest Venturer, ships out; Bri belongs to the Navy for the next six years, moving, as somehow we always knew she would, onto a ship to seek her destiny.

And then a few days after that, we release the book, and then it will be Christmas, and Bill and the boys will be here, and we will laugh, and stick labels on stiff envelopes, and drive carloads of them to the Post Office.

And then…

“The World card symbolizes the mother, and is is also the opposite type of motion as the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel, symbolizing human time and fortune, moves in one direction, and has a past and a future, an up and down, a good and a bad, but the World, by compare, is complete out of time. With the World there are no Zeniths or Nadirs, the concepts of “good” and “bad” have no context but that which is brought by the seeker.

The World is about completion and competency, about having touched all points of a circle, perhaps fulfilling a quest. Appearing in conjunction with the Wheel, it signifies the complete end of a cycle; human completion; the narrowing of past and future to a single point of intensity.”

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      • A clever Dutch writer, Marinus Knoope, says that disappointments are great teachers if you let the feeling live inside of you… they clarify the mind of it’s illusions…. ‘Persons who are regularly suffering from disappointments are beings living on a volcano of unsuspected creativity’. Quite interesting, no?

  1. So much to grieve for and so much left to sort out for ourselves. Holes dug in our souls that we need to fill with love, understanding and forgiveness, for them and for ourselves. Difficult and scary work.

  2. This all makes so much more sense now that I’ve read your previous “Underlying Structure”.

    Now what is funny about this is that I came back to read this post again because I just felt like I missing something. In so doing, I saw the “Underlying” word and that grabbed my attention and here I am, back with a deeper understanding. I love all the facets.

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