Do yourself a favor and go back to 1981 with Dire Straits while you commune with me.

     Toro, toro taxi, she says, see you tomorrow, my son.
     she laughed and let a big truck
     grease her hip.

Today, I Standardized. Boxed. Framed. Worked on masters. Found the hiding little glitch in the two masters for Helix and Triangles that were kicking my shiz out of line when I wasn’t looking. Felt HUGE about that. Things are looking very clean.

Today I spent a blissful hour looking at my page of Available Quotes, matching ideas up with beadwork. Of course I may be shot down by any one of ten people on them, with the person who beaded the piece having the deciding vote in any count, but… that is as it should be. I don’t want that kind of power. I don’t want any power, actually, just magic. Mistaking power for magic or magic for power is a very bad mistake indeed.

I love my Edit Team, I love them so hard it hurts. In fact, it hurts a lot. My right hand is feeling terrible. Thankfully I see Larry tomorrow, and Carlisle too if I am very very lucky. Acupuncture and massage.

Hey Cate Jones, lookie! Here is one of your pages about to go to the Team! Then to you! Also shown are Christina Vandervlist (Tetrahedrons) and Dustin Wedekind (Stepped Bowl).

I am at a point now with this work where I have gone wild; like a wolf might take to the steppes so have I left behind any difficulty. I’ve reached a sort of vision state where things are quite stark; things are beautiful or they are not.

They are clear or they are not.

This is a very unclever time to approach me with disagreeable intentions, as every single thing that I have ever been or will ever be is gathered together in a tight little moment of now; I am like…  I can’t think of what. I am reminded of the moment in graphics when you are dragging an image from left-facing to right facing, say, and it passes through a singularity where everything the image is and could be expresses in a single point. What would be the opposite of a black hole? Some sort of lens, perhaps, something productive and not destructive. But I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of negativity brought to my point in time and space.

When people say angels are cruel, or ruthless, I think it’s a failure of words.
It might be more accurate to say that you taste what you bring.

I am frequently disappointed in love, because love is my only agenda. If only I wanted diamonds, or Facebook “likes”, I’d be in clover. It’s strange for people when they realize that all I want from our relationship is to be faithful, and not be bad friends. There is literally nothing else on my one-on-one agenda.

Is this really that unusual?

9 thoughts on “skateaway

  1. We all just want honesty and to be listened to. There’s love and loyalty and a myriad of other things. But I think it just boils down to honesty and to know one’s been heard.

  2. Direstraits. wow. love !! The first concert I saw in my life :D Mark Knopfler is so natural. And a touch… still the best. Loving thoughts to you.

  3. Honesty…rarer than hen’s teeth, and all the more precious for it. Thanks for the Dire Straits flashback…will now go hunting through the cd’s to continue the journey :)

  4. I agree with the other commenters….we all want honesty and constancy, but it’s rare to find people and relationships that can follow through on it. I try very hard on both counts. (I shouldn’t say it that way, making it sound like such an effort.) My BFF, who is very, very different from me, recently commented that she never has to wonder what I really think. If I say I like it, then I do. If I don’t like it, I won’t say it. She says that sometimes it’s a little harsh and she doesn’t always agree with me, but she appreciates the consistency. We’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year, so I guess it works
    While we’re on the subject, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a good friend to me, and also to tell you how much a) I love reading your blog, b) I am looking forward to this book, and c) I’m thinking about trying accupuncture. If it opens me up a tenth, or a hundredth, of how much it’s opened you, it will be valuable beyond measure. Thanks for blogging about it….it’s been very enlightening.


  5. The freedom to be honest without fear of abandonment is fundamental to my relationships. In fact, it’s my only demand. I want complete honesty. I yearn for it. I seek it out. I cannot lie nor be lied to and so have been abandoned many times by those who are fearful. It’s not for the weak. I saw Mark Knopfler in concert Nov. 5th and he knocked my socks off. That guy can PLAY!

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