18 thoughts on “X-Wing

    • Dude, we go to press in 13 days. Not gonna happen! There are a number of advanced pieces in the book that will be stepped out later, fully, in separate patterns, in the eBook, or in kits. We are happy to teach it all, but the book is closed to new projects. Definitely there is a full page spread of shots of this one. Question is… what section. Ha!

  1. Yes, model it please! Every time I see something AWESOME HERE there is another EVEN MORE AWESOME! I will have to consult my synonym dictionary…………..

  2. Goll dang, just when i think I can’t be blown away by another piece, another doe sit to me. MMMMMM!

  3. This has to come from another world in some fashion. It is so strangely beautiful that I am breathless just trying to imagine the genius it takes to create something so wonderful.

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