Great progress yesterday and today; Chris and I made the most of our last hours and really got some good ideas banged in. She’s back in Canada, proofs have started to circle through the first round of proofreaders, and all is well. I’m particularly fond of the medieval playbill look of our title page.

Dustin is on deck now too, for some monk-like hand illustration at borders, margins, etc.

VERY exciting.

19 thoughts on “Woot!

  1. yes a picture of Russell would be awesome! beauty everywhere. The font seems a little bit cyrrilic to me… very nice!

  2. I saw the complaint and could imagine your reaction – was admittedly looking forward to the response :D Can I “Like” it a few hundred times? Yes! Crown Russell – he’d make a great king

  3. I love the font. When I first looked at it it reminded me of Robin Hood and I, for the most part, loved the Ridley Scott version.

    I also love that picture of you and your husband; what a great picture to have of yourselves. Happy anniversary.

    Book is looking great.

    • Auugghhh! The point is that there must be better uses of your time than criticizing something that you weren’t asked to review? Why torment me? Go poke something else.

  4. I see religious iconography. The t’s look like crosses, so it doesn’t bother me a bit that it’s hard to read.

  5. Ahhhh, i love your lovely antiqe-ish font; don’t you just adore options on MacBooks? Methinks the folks criticizing “x, y or z” don’t have enough “good” of their own; or, worse, are envious of all of you’re doing? Perhaps they should simply relax more ( when not being asked their opinions), keep negativity to themselves, and consider the fact that your previews are to be appreciated as the gifts that I believe they are, those of us who’ve prepaid and are eagerly awaiting your scrumptious book… And as teasers to those who haven’t yet ordered, to tempt them further? Jeepers… Don’t let it get you down, you’re doing a fantastic job! (it’s not like the Title Page font detracts from photos or interfere with bead instructions? Have you ever tried to ‘read’ a German or Japanese book on beading? lol)

    Belated happy anniversary wishes!!! I hooe youll stikl celebrate when youve time to enjoy… Noone says it has to be on the exact day, its still a milestone a month later!
    lastly? Yes,please, to Russelll modeling in your book… Please throw in your devilishly handsome friend’s crowned photos! There’s nothing wrong with adding more ‘beauty’ to your book of drop-dead gorgeous, beaded ‘eye-candy’! ; )

  6. Late to the party, but here goes.
    What is all the noise about? If you want the title page to read:
    Cuntempurary Geumetric Beadwurk , I say go for it. As long as the guys don’t get peevish. ;P
    Remember, I am Comic Sans Forever. BTW great book. Can’t wait.

    • Someone even said (wrongly, I think, but with good intentions) that I shouldn’t use it because it’s too much like the font the Nazis used.

      Of course Priori was drawn in 1993 (or 2003, I forget) to incorporate classical medieval illustrated manuscript forms, and anyway, as Christina points out,”the propaganda machine used a far more “Fraktur” style font akin to Olde English blackletter.” I love the gentle humour of applying the word “Contemporary” to an ancient art, the amazing fact that we have in fact made innovations in an ancient art, the joke of using a modern font to spell out the word “Contemporary”, and of course Dustin and I want the thing to look like a medieval Codex, and hand-illustrations are going in.

      The consensus of the team (because we had to take that concern seriously enough for a team meeting) was that objections beyond design concerns are best addressed in a therapist’s office, not a typesetting table.

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