Amazingly, we are still getting beadwork in the mail, and equally amazingly, we are slotting it into the book. Have a goggle at Laurel Kubby’s Horned Rick-Rack, suitable for a Klignon warrior Queen.

We also got a little box of Jean Power’s new book! So exciting. I love it.

Speaking of Jean, here is the header page for her Caldera project from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. So many gorgeous examples were beaded up by our Irregulars.

Christina flies home tomorrow, and with a few more weeks of work, we’ll be ready to submit the files to the press. When we sign off on the plates, we’ll release the eBook!


8 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. what an awesome piece! I love it. And I love that you put all those pictures in the book. it is gonna be one of the most amazing books ever!

  2. Glorious colors, and style!!! LOVE hearing that Jean’s book has arrived in Arizona…; ) Perhaps my book and bead kit “goodies” from Jean will arrive here, almost as fast!! (Can’t WAIT!!). Keep the glimpses coming, it’s all so exciting!

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