my friend Russell kindly agreed

to model the Golden Crown for our book..

He looks lovely in it, doesn’t he, like a king on vacation?

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We’re treating the photographs of models like colour plates in medieval manuscripts; it’s the best way to fit them into the glittering colour and white layout.

I’ve done some very equal opportunity model shots, with both Dustin and Russell standing in for the manly portion of society.  Reaction to date has been 100% in favor.

13 thoughts on “my friend Russell kindly agreed

  1. Jeez Kate, and I thought I was getting a book to expand my beading capabilities. You promised exciting extras and treats, I guess so. Russell is a brave man to be doing this. Hope he is prepared for all of our appreciative over reaction. Nice little twist to photograph some guys.

  2. Perhaps you Kate and your Bill can model the gold and red crowns as king and queen together for the book. Don’t kill me it is only a thought.

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