I’m rocking along on our layout, waiting for Christina’s flight to get in late tonight.

Today, more fantastic things arrived in the mailbox: Julie Glasser’s next Fortuneteller creation, a big box of Japanese cake erasers, and an amazing Helix with a bit of extra from Carol Jones. Laurel Kubby sent an image of her latest creation that knocked my socks off.

So. Much. Awesome.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

Miss Fish can’t even LOOK at our list.

10 thoughts on “MAILBOX!

  1. what a lovely furry belly Miss Fish shows here! I am more and more impatient to see your book… it will be THE book enabling beaders to go beyond their own limits. It should be called the 4B: Beyond border beading book.

    • It’s going to be EPIC! And yes, geared toward Going Beyond. My challenge is to bring along beginners so that before they know it, instead of following the endless Patterntongue magazine and book projects that clot the world (some of which are magnificent and many of which are not) they will be thinking for themselves and soaring into space with their beadwork.

  2. Nothing is sweeter than those little kitty bellies. Miss Fish reminds me of my Marley, whom I miss terribly. My gorgeous ragdoll, Mushi, keeps me covered in leg rubs and blue eyed looks. Oh wait…I hear Sasha meowing for food now. Almost time to bead!!

    • Kate, your reply to Cath got me **hysterically** excited for the book. I’m so glad I pre-ordered — this is going to be freaking awesome!!!

      PS: When you actually have time, Joel Friedman of The Book Designer would probably love to hear about your book. He’s covered Karen Williams’ awesome beady book before, so I know he’s open to writing about arty books.

  3. I think it is very selfless of Miss Fish to take up the slack of relaxing and avoiding so you don’t have to put those things on the to do list for the next few weeks. This book and the pre-releases have already B4’d me. For the first time I actually designed and executed some bead work right out of my own beady little head, thanks to this inspiration and instruction. Once again I have to say Love Love the MRAW band.

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