14 thoughts on “Yeeeaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!

  1. Wheeee! And I thought I was going to have to stay up all night. Liberty, and sweet dreams, for all. Bliss.

  2. Congratulations and relief. Also a little stunned that it went this way again. Maybe the world is changing. Yippppeeeeee…..and thanks for this beautiful picture.

  3. Did you see Colbert? He said that because Romney lost the race, he’s been denied his ‘first dance’ with Rafalca!!

  4. What a relief, no Mitt Shit ! Happy dance! Hurray for the Democrats! Happy for you too, you don’t need to become a political refugee… ;-)

  5. Hooray! That week I had tentatively set aside to re-wire my most beloved appliances for our move to (anywhere but here) can now be spent doing something fun.

  6. Whoo and hoo! It’s vewy vewy quiet in the office today. All sackcloth & asses…I’m happy but I know when not to gloat. Way to rock it again, folks!

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