Pretty great night so far!

I’m just waiting to hear about Virginia, Ohio, and Florida before I drink any more gin and take a victory jump in the pool. (In reverse order.)


May I just say that watching Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock getting bitch-slapped by the voters was fantastic. Like a shining gift… from women.

11 thoughts on “Pretty great night so far!

  1. Enjoying a glass of wine or two while watching the wonderful Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, who looks like my husband. Wishing I was still in PHX with a warm pool to jump in. Enjoy!

  2. I’m proud to be among those that bitch slapped Todd Akin, hopefully he’ll never be heard from again.

  3. Moved from PBS to NPR around 9:15 .. though just could not keep our eyes open past 10:40 last night. But awoke to a veritable sea change of wins via BBC at 5:00 am this morning!! Doing a happy dance!! Hope Mitch McConnell is curled up in the fetal position crying his self-righteous eyes out about Obama’s second term!!

  4. Oh, that bitch slapping was a pleasure! Sadly, there will always be a long line of white males who will just take Akin’s place in the quest to revert back to 7th century ideas regarding women. Each generation will have to remain vigilant. I must admit, hearing his ideas was shocking, a wake up call to action. I’m so glad America responded! I’m doing happy dances this morning.

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