the home stretch

Apologies to all vultures/raptors; I am going to insult you again by comparison. (Look at that black vulture, is he not magnificent?)

Two more days of worrying that a tax-dodging vulture who made billions of dollars by crushing jobs and stealing futures will be elected, ruining basically everything. I find this stasis unpleasant in the extreme. I’m shellshocked, both from how many lies Mitt Romney has told (how do his supporters come to terms with this?) and by how much I have grown to loathe him. He embodies everything I most object to. On the upside, it’s been nice to see Barack get his due. People on the left have griped about him for four years, because of his refusal to simply railroad his policies through an obstructive Congress. His insistence on compromise, on reasonable solutions… it’s driven progressives nuts. But quietly, he’s done amazing things.

I happen to be a huge Obama fan. I love having a Centrist president who is aware of the daily lives and struggles of the American people, and who cares for the poor, sick and needy. An intelligent man, who actually understands the policies and procedures of government, who directs his own foreign policy, who taught Constitutional law. What a concept. If society is healthy, I can pick up the Socialistic pinko commie slack on my own. I don’t require a far-left President. I can’t think of why the fundies think that they deserve a far-right one. We are a country divided; what we need most is a leader who can find the best in each of us, and who is accustomed to being truthful and kind. This election is like DUH with a side of DUH.

And yet… we are still holding our breath, me and the fundies, 36 hours before results start ticking in. I’m so grateful to people working on the ground to GOTV.

People are stressed; I’ve got an amnesty program going in my mind for everyone who is not being nice this week. A little extra kindness will go a long way today and tomorrow, if it’s me you are contacting. Nice people get extra everything from me in general, but especially when time is tight and tension is high.

Two of all of our favorite pieces lead off the Wings and Horns chapter- left, Kelly Angely, right, Gabriella van Diepen.

I’m still working through my layout, putting in as much as I can before Christina arrives on the 8th. Taking out lots and lots of words, trying to use the perspective of the last six months of intense work to winnow out the noise and leave only the ideas, clear and simple. It’s always the challenge for me, but I find it very rewarding.

The long timescale on these ideas (and these words) is a wonderful luxury. What a delight, to edit words I wrote a full year ago. What water under the bridge since those first excited declarations (some of which were right the hell on.) What a pleasure to have so many photographs to illustrate the possibilities. They speak louder than any blathering paragraph about “one thing you could do is…”

And God, how much I wish that I had three of me.

14 thoughts on “the home stretch

  1. I am hoping that all the slash-campain-ads will turn voters off. Every five minutes on the air is three minutes of Robme. I too am puzzled and frusrated by the fact that people cannot see through ‘plastic-man’, and they continue to trust him?! Now voters are having a tough time, again, in Florida and the governer refuses to do anything to help. I am praying that the voters will not be discouraged!
    I wish there were three of you also and will be watching for your book!!

  2. $1 billion dollars in advertising alone. $1 BILLION. I am both astonished and disgusted by this….it’s a fucking lot of money, and it seems like there are far more worthwhile ways to spend it. I will be voting on my way into work in the morning….I’d hate to get hung up in the afternoon & not be able to get to the polls in time!

    Regarding book: While on the one hand, I can hardly wait for it. On the other hand, I am very glad you all are taking the time to make it the best resource that you can. For novice beaders like me, clear mechanistics along with demonstrations of experimentation will be incredibly valuable. So I will wait patiently, assured that it will rock my world when it’s ready.

  3. Kate, although I’m very much looking forward to receiving the book (no… I’m excited, can hardly wait!!!) I will be saddened to think that all this lovely sharing and interaction we are enjoying will stop. Is there a possibility that the CGB FB page could continue on, so we can see more of the lovelies all your talented beaders will be making in the future? Would it be too much to ask you to continue with it?

  4. Here in rural Washington most of us, well, 48% according to the local paper, have already voted by mail. I am SO GLAD that I do not have TV in my cabin! My husband & I are going out to the local “DEMS” place for music & the election results. There will be drinking. Hopefully to the joy of President Obamas re-election. Our president is not only a great president but he is an elegant man.

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