Cigar Box Bead Kits

The Pay The Press Bill Fundraiser continues, with the addition of 20 beautiful Cigar Box bead kits-  each kit has 21 colours of amazing beads- all of the colours from the Warm and Cool kits, plus a beautiful Delica assortment that includes 24k gold finishes. Beautiful Toho triangles in matte and glossy, vintage and out of production Czech charlottes and an assortment of larger rounds and triangles for experimenting with bases such as the MRAW bellyband round out the kit.

Each kit comes packed in a wooden cigar box and with a gift (valued at at least $20) from my studio- I’ll choose something that I know you will love. Boxed Priority Mail shipping domestically.

Thank you for your support of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, a community project. Click the photo to head to the Shop.

9 thoughts on “Cigar Box Bead Kits

  1. What is the price again for this? I’ve purchased a kit from Jean as well, would it be safe to say they are different? Thanks Kate, you can put me down for 1. I always like to help wherever I can.

  2. Ooh, between your kits and Jean’s, and books coming from you both? It’ll be a glorious couple of months!!!
    Keep up the great work (from book to blog, to kits and more…bring it ON!!)

    I’m nowhere near as eloquent as you; I haven’t much to share, and can’t write blogs myself… I love reading your blogs! Don’t let the haters get you down… Folks don’t have to share dislikes, (i always tell my kids to remember it’s none of our business what others think of us!)
    Perhaps it’s best to remember if one has nothing nice to say, it’s better to say nothing at all…
    Of course, that’s not to say folks shouldn’t voice their opinions -whether in business or not- it’s your Constitution right to have freedom of speech!
    Blogging is a way of expressing your innermost thoughts, wishes, hopes & dreams, you’re not dictating how others should live their lives! Perhaps the folks who take offense could simply stop reading particular blogs? ;-) ;-)
    In my not-so-modest opinion, that would be such a silly thing to d; oif you love an artist’s work, why not be open to alternative points of view? Enlightenment is tough, for some people, I guess… why not let the writings of others marinate in the recesses of one’s brain, and see what takes root? If nothing does, one can always agree to disagree and move on… Just sayin’…

    • Well, I don’t live up to your hopes and dreams. I would rather eat dirt than read a right wing blog. I don’t interact with those people at all, unless by accident, and I never will.

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