A soft warm Sunday

It’s beautiful outside; warm, gentle, birds chirping, and eating at the feeders. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of hummingbirds outside and they decorate the trees with their emerald and fuschia flashes. The vines have grown so much that they’ve formed the green walls I hoped that they would, and are cascading down in beautiful waterfalls. The mandevilla is blooming red on the outdoor shower, the cherry tomato plants have found a new lease on life now that the days are gentle, and I have a handful every day.

In addition to a lot of wonderful emails from people today, I got a terse little note telling me that if I choose to be a business person then it is my obligation to keep my mouth shut about politics and religion. And people are apparently griping on some Internet forum (now that lead-in could be about anything) that the book is taking too long, or that because I made beautiful kits to support the press run that somehow I am untrustworthy. It’s hard to comprehend any of it, but these sorts of things are exactly why I look forward to not dealing with so many people who don’t know me.

I’m very transparent in all of my affairs; I’m sure that’s unusual, but I can’t get inside the heads of every unhappy person on the planet.

I can’t wait to ditch them, the suspicious, grumpy unhappy people of Earth. I only want the happy ones. Also, Mitt and Ann Romney- my dream is that as of Wednesday night I never see or hear from them again. What a dream come true THAT would be.

I’m …this close… to having a printout in my hands. So exciting!

One more day of work ought to do it.


25 thoughts on “A soft warm Sunday

  1. I haven’t heard or read anything negative, so i dunno. I certainly am not having a any problems, take as long with the book as you need to!
    As far as having political/religious opinions, I don’t think I’ve disagreed with anything you have been writing so whoever those anonymous complainers are, I am quite happy not knowing them!

  2. This makes me sad for a number of reasons. You have been living and breathing this project for over a year. Yes, the book could have gone to print a while ago, but would it be the amazing work that it will be? No. You have touched so many lives with this book. We have been inspired to push ourselves a little bit harder, to think WAY outside of the box, to make each piece our own.

    As for the political comment – perhaps they should send Trump a note as well. I still remember four years ago, when our President won the election celebrating with you on your blog.

    Thank you dear Kate.

    • Yes, well. Thank you. I agree, we could easily have gone to press six months ago, and it was a tough decision not to. A great one.

      Can’t wait to celebrate with you again at about 2 am this Weds morning. No chance I’ll be asleep before I see Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan come in with their votes.

  3. 1. This is your personal blog, you can say what you want. 2. At least you are a human bean ; ). 3. Pre-orders an kit sales seem like a great way to raise money, perhaps they would have preferred to back the book with a few grand each so you could pay for all this and eat and pay for your power while you were writing this. Perhaps they feel that because you are a full time artist you must be trust fund wealthy. If they did not pre-order no skin off their noses, and if they did, well you could send their $40 back to them. 4. Screw this shite. 5. The rest of us are soooo behind this and you.

    • Ha! Yeah! What you said! I think I scared a few people who don’t know me. They somehow assumed I was unable to pay to print the book and that was the reason for the delay. I know not many people embrace poverty the way that I do- I like to earn exactly what I need and no more. That way, when I ask for support, people know I mean it. It must seem strange, though, to some.

  4. Lots of people just seem to like to complain. You are wild, free spirited and authentic- we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for inspiring me to think and act freely!

  5. I tend to agree with moonrae! You can say anything you want on your blog and I personally wish more people had the balls to run their business as you are proceeding with this book.

  6. I must admit I am dumbfounded. How is it your obligation to remain mute when ignorant assholes like Donald Trump are given network airtime? As disagreeable as he is, it’s still his right to voice his opinion. As it’s yours on your own personal blog!
    The people whining on the forums have way too much time on their hands…and obviously never wrote a serious paper in college to think a book can be whipped out.
    I am happy and even grateful that I got to order my beadkit before they sold out!

  7. I’m certain that I will at times gain and lose customers due to my beliefs regarding the environment, politics, and women’s rights. But, I simply don’t care. It will balance out in the end. I stay true to what I believe because if I did otherwise, I think it just might kill me.

    You have every right in the universe to speak your mind. It’s your blog and if someone disagrees with you to such an extent that they are angry with you, they might not be your ideal customer or blog reader and they can find someone else who fits with their belief system. Carry on knowing that there are many of us out there who totally agree with you and do give a damn.

    • That has always been my approach and it has always sustained me. There are just unpleasant interactions from time to time, and I am a sensitive person; they affect me. It would be handy to not give a fuck!

  8. I have no issues with your political ideas because they mirror my own! Your eloquence is refreshing!
    I also have no issues with how long the book is taking, as I know it will be worth the wait! Well worth it!

  9. There are so many things I want to say to respond to this post, but in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. I love what you’re doing Kate McKinnon!

  10. if you had finished the book earlier, there wouldn’t be my Jalisco Bangle in there and I have had very nice reactions of peeps happy about this. :P

    • Not only that, but everything would have been different! These last few months, merging minds with you, Rayo, Gerlinde, Julie, Christina Vandervlist, Christina Vasil, Maria-Cristina, JoAnn, Laurel…all of the incredible beaders I’ve worked with since we released our core ideas into the wild… these meetings of the minds and of the beads have given this project heart and soul as well as a broader scope. I am SO GLAD that I didn’t put the book out and end the project before it really matured as a concept. I cherish you and your ideas! How easily we could have missed each other…

  11. I happen to be a Republican who voted for Romney, so skip over any political statements and just enjoy the jewelry. Simple.

  12. Muse on Sister…this is your blog, not an online store/gallery. You write about life, art, politics, health, and what makes the world go ’round. We come here because we admire your writing and enjoy listening to your ideas, seeing your colaborations and traipsing along on your adventures.

    “NO politics” ? I for one will listen to all resonable commentaries. It’s my choice to read or not, but certainly not my place to reprimand any blogger for voicing their opinions.

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