A lovely little bead kit in the Shop

I posted the first of the Press Run Web Sale bead kits in the Shop!

This is an adorable little boxed kit that has a full palette of warm and cool colours, along with important accent beads like the magnificent DB254 hex cut silver-gold, and a Toho triangle that can be used to great effect in the center of an MRAW bellyband.

These are colours that people tend not to choose, because they are bold, odd, unusual… cobalt blue, mustard yellow, bold orange, seafoam green. Coral, and violet, and a lovely blue mix that was tucked into the larger bead kits that went out in September. Two radically different kinds of size 11 rounds, one warm and tight, one cool and plump.

Limited quantity, of course. Next up: wooden cigar boxes, with 25 colours.

Each of these special kits comes with something magical from my studio hoard. A handmade glass bead, some vintage sequins or seed beads, some exquisite ribbon.. something metal. I’ll try to choose something special that I know you will love.

These kits are all packed up and ready to go, but will be held until Friday of next week unless you request earlier delivery. (There’s more coming, you see, and we want to be efficient about our shipping…)

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