I promised myself I wouldn’t whine and flublog like I did a couple of years ago when I went down with The Bad One. But I must report that I haven’t been to the Post Office (or anywhere) in four days.  Going out to get the mail or water the garden is about all I’ve been up to, otherwise, just sitting in bed working on our layout. Honestly, I think it’s going to be tomorrow before I can do things like venture out in the car. Those of you who are waiting for your pieces, Helen, Julie, Lia, others, please forgive the delay. Kelly, waiting for a kit, you are so sweet.

Miss Fish has been my constant companion. She’s tired of the fuss of the coughing and the Kleenex but she’s loved the time in bed together. (She is a very clean cat, I’m sorry if anyone is horrified to see an animal nestled into my white sheets. That’s how nice the Fish keeps herself, she can have white sheets.)

This morning when I went out to the mailbox and stood in the sunshine, drinking it in, I found Rayo Boursier’s Fortuneteller inside. I’m holding it right now, marvelling in wonder. This is a screenshot of an unretouched original image. Can you stand it? A phone on a tripod and a piece of white paper inside one of those little white pop-up tents, piece a’cake.

I find what really does the trick is the touch focus. I touch exactly in the middle of the beadwork, even if that happens to be on the white paper. Convincing a camera to focus on the object of interest has been a major hassle for me in this life. To be able to touch a screen and make it happen is… unreal.

Key to the kingdom kind of unreal.

Two things that I still need to do for the book are to write up a tutorial for how to get these shots (a monkey could do it with an IPhone 4S or better) and to lay out the instructions for the Fortuneteller in a way that guides people through it gently.

The PDF was some serious shizz. Rayo, who is no beady slacker, said, “Holy Hannah this was hard!” And Susan Mattison, another Extreme Beader, said “This pattern is very challenging!  Enormous understatement, that.” So you see, I have my work cut out for me.

Christina being here and able to illustrate in real time as we finish up is going to be a huge benefit, I’m so pleased.


7 thoughts on “MAILBOX!

  1. So gorgeous! I’m really loving the colors your Super Beaders are choosing. They are fantastic! And, of course, the designs themselves are outstanding. Cannot wait for this book!

  2. I’m so eager to get the book, but every time I read about something you are planning to add to it, I think, Kate – just take … your … time

  3. I love our cat with us. I hope you feel better soon. You work too crazy then die just like my daughter does also.

  4. this is a wonderful shot. It is nearly frustrating!
    Now… if you plan to say nice things about Iphones in your book, why not ask for a substantial ‘encouragement-pack’ from the manufacturer… they can spend millions in court, so I guess that they can afford to sponsor you… it is quite obvious that after seeing this, or reading your recommendations, more peeps will want to have a retina screen… I have an htc… it doesn’t do this. just a thought…

    • Happily, I am not for sale or rent to any man, corporation or concept. I accept no bribes or product (except beads, and no one even gives me those.) Ha! But yes, I do plan to say that in my experience, the IPhone can’t be beat for shooting beads. It’s a freaking miracle.

  5. I am in love with Miss Fish. My cat Henry is rather impeccable in his grooming too, I always marvel at how white his white bits are. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

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