Whatta day.

I feel for everyone in the rain and the floods and the storms. It was surreal to be sitting under a placid soft blue sky while the water surged into Atlantic City. There are so many people I love in the area that’s wet that I can barely count them all. I’m crossing my fingers that the worst is over.

Today was spent entirely (except for a delightful half-hour with Dustin, showing him photos and layouts) in the Triangles section of our book, going through ALL of our images, sorting things out a bit differently based on everything we’ve learned in the past two weeks. I’ve had some real eye-openers. Talking with all of the beaders has been incredible- sharing questions that we have is as exciting to me as sharing results. I’m so grateful to everyone who has opened their beady heart to me. I feel like I’ve made friends that will last forever.

Things are looking very beautiful. Images are still moving around, but this is a peek at how the Table of Contents is looking. Of course there is so much that isn’t showing on here; all of our variations, the gallery work, the pieces we haven’t shown yet (ah, the temptation…) so if you say, “Hey! I’ve seen all of these photos before!” I say, “Yes, I planned it that way.”

A girl has to keep a few surprises tucked back, after all.

I got the good news this morning that Christina Vandervlist is flying down to Tucson for a week, so that we can crawl all over our draft together, make sure that everything is just like we like it. My head is stuffed full to bursting; I can feel the pressure behind my eyes. Or maybe it’s just lingering congestion.

I’m feeling good, though.

Fighting form.

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  1. I am really getting excited about the book now!
    We luckily survived the storm. We didn’t even lose power.

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