Mitt Romney’s odd idea about FEMA

Wait, I’ll let him tell you.  It only takes 47 seconds.

He thinks disaster relief isn’t a federal concern. “Send it back to the states!” he says. Better yet, privatize it!

So… Mitt… let me get this right. If a state is crippled by some terrible event, that state should look to itself for rescue?

Or to a for-profit corporation?

Uh…. Mitt? Are you even human?

11 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s odd idea about FEMA

  1. Oh good grief! I honestly don’t know how much more I can take!

    Letterman said, “Mitt tied his dog to the roof of his car. What else does anyone need to know?” I totally agree!

  2. I remember seeing the news here, showing President G.W. Bush smiling and complimenting Brown so many days after Katrina hit… saying “JOB WELL DONE”, whilst he had done NOTHING at all for the poor people there. They even prevented help from reaching the zone… it were the firefighters and the private who did what they could, whilst it would be a nice exercice for the army to do something really usefull for their country.. Republicans stink. They don’t think AT ALL what they can do for their country, only about what the country can do for them.

  3. Careful. My husband is a Minnesota and federal wildland firefighter that was loan-staffed to FEMA (he is required to hold several FEMA certifications) immediately when Hurricane Katrina was arriving. That was a federal decision by then President George Bush. Likewise, our current President has sent the wildland firefighters loan-staffed to FEMA to the region for Hurrricane Sandy. Everyone thinks nothing was happening then and now. It’s always happening, disaster relief is an elephant and whenever it is a federal operation, it moves slowly. Is there a better way to handle this at the state or private level? I can’t imagine that there is. But broad acusations, generalizations and labels are counterproductive. Sorry, Cath. I honestly believe all our presidents care about us.

    • George Bush went to a fundraising party and laughed, and played guitar, and joked about how his Louisiana friends’ houses would be built back even better after the water was over, while the worst of Katrina was happening and people were drowning and dying. That’s what Cath is remembering. Me too. It was… heartbreaking that he would do that. It did not show me that he cared.

      When Al Gore flew an airplane in to evacuate Charity Hospital (where many were sheltering and where many docs who stayed to help were knee-deep in water with no help coming) they threatened to shoot his plane down. Did you know that? He had to get Leon Panetta, a holdover from the Clinton administration, to give him permission to land. It was the only help that was sent to those people. My father-in-law (one of the docs who stayed to help) was there, in the water, at Charity.

      If the Federal Government is a mess and FEMA run by an amateur like Heckuva Job Brownie, then yeah. It’s going to be a nightmare.

      George Bush didn’t take his appointments seriously, and he put cronies into important jobs that really mattered. So I think it’s important to have a President who makes quality appointments based on merit.

      I had family in New Orleans. I well remember how Katrina went down.

      • My point was lost. People were sent, people did go. My husband was among the very first providing aid across Lake Pontchartrain in Mississippi. The horrors he saw and the good he did seem to shoved under the rug for political arguments stating that one one cared so no one was sent to help. In this case, Cath stated that ,”…They even prevented help from reaching the zone.” I d not appreciate the inference that my husband wasn’t there and wasn’t helping to make a political statement.

        This is a rather sensitive point, in case you couldn’t tell. People before politics, please.

        • No one is criticizing the first responders- we are in fact talking about politics. So that is the nature of the discussion- who should be President.

          In fact, there were cases where help was prevented from coming in (as in them refusing to allow airplanes to land with assistance or rescue- this is the point about them threatening to shoot down AG’s plane) and people were prevented from getting out. Remember the armed guards, on the bridges?

          No one is criticizing the people who were actually there helping, please don’t make this about something it isn’t, and take needless offense in a direction where none was given.

          • Does “politics” mean it is now ok to make broad generalizations that aren’t correct? In my opinion, that is part of the problem with politics. No one was ciritizing my husband and I understand that, the broad generalization is the problem.

            I’m sorry, Kate, I don’t mean to take this in a different direction. It just seems my rebellion against broad generalizations is the issue. Healthy debate is important in the process, but healthy means correct, not partially.

          • I’m signing off on this conversation because honestly, this isn’t the place for it, and I’m swamped. I think you are over-reacting to a comment made on a personal journal, and I’m sorry you are offended. But let’s let it go, OK? There is so much going on right now.

  4. Romney is not a deep thinker nor a problem solver. He has been taken care of his whole life; and he doesn’t have the insight to understand that life is different – very different – for the rest of us.

    • What would really matter would be his appointments- who would run what. And he’d be bringing the same old suspects back with him, the Bush boys. We know how that went.

  5. Disaster areas with no FEMA, sick people without insurance, entire industries at the brink of failure, none of this seems to faze him. He is the ultimate Bubble Boy.

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