busy busy

No, I’m not running around. But I am getting a lot done. My email is like a lake that sometimes wraps around my ankles with monster tentacles but my policy is “I’m Damned Sick” and so I’ll simply apologize on Monday, saying “I’m so sorry, I was sick,” and they will say, because they are all very nice people,”Oh, of course, take your time.”

Which is why I suspect myself of getting sick just to catch a three day weekend.

I feel even more like I am trying to build a little Sistine Chapel out of a lot of odds and ends that I have stuffed into folders and pockets. Files are everywhere. AND I’m organized. It isn’t like I have a lot of olives stuffed into a sock, green ones mixed up with black ones, or those freaky good ones stuffed with bleu cheese. It’s just that there is so much, from so many people. It’s still streaming in- here comes the mail, bing goes the email. I madly file things but then they all overlap. That’s the thing. They all overlap.

Except the Cones. Cones are Cones.

Jean Campbell did an excellent bracelet using Dustin’s Cone Stitch, and I just love it.

This morning I roasted all of the vegetables I could rustle up and tossed them into a pot with salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, chili, and lemon and I made a glorious broth. Then I simmered a roasted chicken in that broth. Chicken soup. I’ve mostly joined The Big Dog with a plant-based diet, but once in a while I make a kill. Today was one of those days. Because (flu/chicken soup+carrot juice = get well sooner.)

I think I’ll have a nap and then go back to putting in the first ten pages of the book… acknowledgements, TOC, intro photos… so important. I like to do that part last, because last is when you really know what you have.

I hope the Tigers win tonight, because I love Detroit. And I like a seven game World Series.

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  1. Yum, your soup sounds fabulous. In fact, we will all say take your time, because what you and the team have been doing is beyond intense, and has been for months and months and months. Think I’ll watch the ball game tonight too. Does Miss Fish enjoy baseball ?

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