beauty and truth

Please feel free to admire the excellence of Gabriella van Diepen modelling her Golden-Horned Sea Serpent.

People have asked, “Are the pieces from your new book wearable?”


photographed by Jeroen Medema

I am starting another amazingly busy day. Bri is coming over this morning to help me pack up and ship all of the Nymo cones, I have a PDF copy of Jean Power’s new book to have a peek at, and I’ve got the Wings and Horns section of our layout to finish setting images in. PRETTY EXCITING, all of it.

I very much enjoyed last night, seeing the Gigantes clinch their spot in the World Series and our eloquent President say “We have fewer horses and bayonets as well, Governor” in the debate last night. My pleasure was half at the correct use of the word “fewer” (instead of “less”) and half at seeing Obama school Mitt on what foreign policy really means.

People must understand how important it is to actually understand what you are responsible for. Obama demonstrated a clear, rational understanding of the complex nature of geopolitical maneuvering; Romney demonstrated that he thinks that Syria is Iran’s only route to “the sea.”

Stunning. And apparently, at least the seventh time he has said it. Almost like he is memorizing talking points made of utter nonsense.

No one who thinks that Iran has no seaports should be placed in charge of US foreign policy.  

It’s really that simple.

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  1. Thanks for pointing that one out, I missed it. But I did catch the one where Romney said ” we can’t kill out way out of this mess”. And the next time he had the floor he said, ” we have to go after the bad guys, kill them….”. Romney is not qualified!
    I am surprised this is not being used in a campaign theme; there is a Donald Trumph interview during the first in a mini-series of “The Men That Made America”, in which he indicates how people with money like nothing more than a bad economy because it makes them money. I wish I had a direct quote.

  2. Not sure if you follow Penelope Trunk’s blog but she has Asperger’s. She is convinced that Mitt has it as well. She wrote a blog post about it a while back. His lack of social skills for one thing. I remember reading somewhere that someone was on a plane with him and she could not get him to interact with her at all. His handlers tell him what to say and he says it. His inability to communicate extemporaneously will be a real problem if, god forbid, he is elected. When he was governor here in Mass. he had a separate elevator that only he could use so he didn’t have to interact with anyone off the cuff.
    I love those horny bracelet thingies…..they are gorgeous and just a little dangerous looking!

    • Roberta.. thank you so much for the direction to Penelope’s blog. I’ve spent the last hour reading and have only scratched the surface. Kate…. thanks for sharing the photo – stunning! Now i’m just waiting for a youtube or vimeo of how you actually get the darn thing on your wrist….

      • The Golden Horn is just a long wrap bracelet. It curls because it is its nature, but also because of memory wire. You get it on just like you’d put a three-ring Slinky on your wrist. It’s easy.

        I also have been reading PT’s blog for an hour. It’s 4:39 am. I love it. I think she’s brave and interesting and I would love to be more honest as well. One of the things I look forward to is finishing my professional career (this last book is the end of it) and then just telling the goddamned truth about what I’m thinking. Part of the reason I “need” to go to acupuncture twice a fucking week is to unwind my jaw from all of the things I want to say and don’t/can’t/won’t and the other things I say that don’t come out right.

        I think it’s totally fine if I want to live in a small room and dress oddly and not live a life of making other people food. She reassures me that I am not half as strange as she is.

        And there has got to be a way for me to stop having to listen to people who are wasting their lives tell me why they really have no other choice but to waste their lives because of a, b, and c, but still keep those people as friends.

        People make me crazy!

        And also, I love them. It’s a difficult position.

    • She is such a wonderful model, very confident and engaging. It was fun to participate in the full-day shoot in the desert; it was just incredible, watching Kyle and Gabri make it happen.

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