the midwest grinds me down

The midwest grinds me down slowly. First, I stop frisking. Then I stop wearing sparkles. Then, if it’s election season, I start counting Tea Party and Republican yard signs. Some streets are entire runs of them, unbroken. I have to drive through a gauntlet of Romney signs to enter our street.

The leaves are beautiful, though, I try to look at those. It’s one of the prettiest falls I remember seeing. Lots and lots of yellow and orange and red and green leaves, all at once, leaves on the ground and on the trees.

The sugar maple we planted (known simply as “Bill’s tree”) has been spectacular this year. Note excellent Clare McCaskill sign, procured by me in self-defense last week. 

I leave this weekend, and won’t be back in St. Louis until after the election, thankfully. Whatever happens- if Missouri ruins everything again, or if somehow enough people other than Values Voters™ (who mysteriously favor white oligarchs with frankly terrible values and poor math skilz) vote, if the St. Louis Cardinals annoy the baseballscenti by having another mediocre season and then winning the World Series in a blaze of Elimination Game fervour… I won’t be here to taste the dust or the joy of it.

I’ll be in Tucson, finishing the book, hoping that Arizona comes through and sends combat medic and ex-surgeon general Richard Carmona to the Senate, instead of my batshit crazy cousin Jeff.

Tonight, I’ll take a nice break from my MacBook to enjoy some fine Syrian hummus and mint salad with Evan at Ranoush, another Cardinals-Giants playoff game, and then back to some layout work in the Rick-Rack Chapter. One of my favorites!

Tomorrow night, Bill comes home. Sunday, back to the desert, and Miss Fish, and to hunt around for a sphinx moth cocoon, see if the pool is still swimmy, and further lose myself in the last phase of the birth of the book.

Hummus at Ranoush

7 thoughts on “the midwest grinds me down

  1. Oh, Kate, my heart goes out to you. So much bad, then so much good…then so much bad again! Thank goodness your gauntlet of political signs (please, don’t let it be a SIGN) is broken by the beauty of autumn. Those trees are spectacular and working on your book must be very gratifying. I am so happy for you! I’m also happy that Yoko Ono turned 80 (see sidebar). I hold no grudge that she caused the break up of the Beatles. John loved her and continued to produce wonderful music. We still enjoyed the music of all the other Beatles too. I always thought she was much older than John, but ten years doesn’t seem like so much now. May you still be sharing your views and exquisite jewelry designs with us when you are 80!

    Best regards,

    P.S. That is the most fabulous presentation of hummus I have ever seen!

    • Well, it’s more disturbing that these people are thick on the ground than it is that they grind my soul down to a nub.Thank you, though, for feeling my pain when a couple next door with two young children, one of whom is female, just put up a sign indicating he’s supporting the guy who thinks his little girl won’t get pregnant if she’s raped. (Slaps head)

      Trees: awesome
      Hummus: fabulous
      Book: righteous

      Baklava, not mentioned previously, OUTSTANDING.

      • PS- Guy on my street has a bumpersticker, which he renews about every five to ten years (as they wear off or he replaces his car) and it always says: “Still Pissed At Yoko”

  2. Pretty picture of the trees and house.

    Syrian food is the best food in the world…seriously. My grandfather on my father’s side was from Syria and I grew up eating this amazing food. My Irish mother (Coughlin) cooks Syrian food as well, if not better than some of my Syrian aunts. Have you tried the fried eggplant? The way the Syrians do it is ambrosial. Hope that you had a fabulous dinner.

    Even though I am Canadian, I am really hoping that President Obama gets his second term. I heard on the radio this morning that 65% of Canadians would vote for him and only 18% for Romney; he would win by a landslide. Here’s hoping.

    Love the bumpersticker!

  3. I hope to be celebrating Obamas’ re-election with all 4 of my family members. We are ALL 5 of us voting for Obama! Your house & the trees certainly are lovely! And THAT HUMMUS is a work of art!

    • We are 5 Dem voters as well, but only 3 of us old enough to vote. This year we have two voting in Arizona (me and Bri) and Bill voting pointlessly in Missouri, a place apparently stuffed with people who have no problem with Todd Akin’s idea that my body will refuse pregnancy if I am raped, or Mitt Romney’s incredible lies, or Paul Ryan’s cruel, stupid, and badly added budget. Racists, fundamentalists, Catholics… Missouri, you make me tired. Maybe, just maybe, Clare McCaskill can beat Todd “I’m a Moron” Akin.

      • From what I understand, Claire’s ahead in the polls. Take heart! Billy’s vote for her will not be in vain.

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