Great job, Sir.

photo by Michael Reynolds, courtesy of the Kansas City Star

Great job last night by our well-informed, eloquent, reasonable President. What a tremendous relief. It’s not that I need him to pretend to be other than he is, I just need him to seem assertive, and tough, and strong. You know, for those mysterious undecided voters (<- play sound of the wind) who can’t tell a cat from a plate of biscuits.

Also, doesn’t Michelle look magnificent? She is my favorite first lady EVER.

She is a role model for me; she’s strong, kind, intelligent,  hardworking, reasonable, positive, beautiful. She loves her family. She dug a food garden in the White House lawn! I vote for her as surely as I do for Barack. I was sad (but sadly not shocked) to see a Virginia elementary school decline to have her speak on their grounds a couple of days ago. Did you see that? I think it was shameful.

Do you suppose they would have turned away Laura Bush, or Jackie Kennedy? The First Lady wants to come talk to your schoolkids and give a speech at your school, and you say no?  Michelle is brave and strong to travel in those areas, full of bred-in-the-bone racism. Pakistani schoolgirls are brave to stand up for their education to men with guns.  We should all be brave and optimistic, because it’s a better life.

. . .

Last night, I think that  Romney was unpleasant by anyone’s standard; he was like a grey cloud; “Things are horrible, only I can make them better” is his platform. Candy Crowley wasn’t perfect (letting the vapid “what do you bring as men” question to the table AGAIN instead of the more substantive question on climate change that waited just behind it) but she handled Romney in a way that Jim Lehrer just couldn’t. In fairness to both Lehrer and Obama, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Romney would show up for that first debate with all-new positions and ready to interrupt. It was amazing- and was handled badly by surprised moderater and opponent alike.

Last night, however, both Obama and Crowley were a bit warier. A hilarious headline from Bloomberg:

“Obama Says Romney Words Aren’t ‘True’ in Second Debate”

Barack ran the clock like a basketball player, which is about all that you can ask of a guy who isn’t going to lie or be a dick to make a point. Anyway, we know what he will do- more of the same. Hopefully with less Tea Party in the way.

We can only guess at what Mitt will do, but if we look at what Mitt has done so far, it isn’t pretty. I feel like I’m high on drugs when he says he will be a job creator and a debt smallerizer, as the simple fact is that he made his fortune by loading companies with bogus debt, taking the money (and the workers’ pensions) hiding it offshore, and killing their jobs.

I think that aside from the two major gaffes from Mitt (still trying to make political hay out of the assassination of our Ambassador in Libya and, in answer to the question about AK-47s, saying that “assault weapons are illegal in the US anyway” (sadly, Mitt, they are not) and implying that if people got married before they had children, those children would not grow up and shoot people) what is really knocking people out right now is his use of the strange phrase “binders full of women.”  He’s so… strange. Strange and unsuitable. Oddly, even that story was sauced with untruth– he didn’t ASK for the names of more women, in fact a bipartisan committee of women in Massachusetts compiled it and presented it to him and demanded that he hire more qualified women. Sigh. It’s exhausting, having to pick apart every thing he says to separate the slim strands of truth.

Strands as slim yet as strong as Nymo B, red, on a three-ounce cone, if I may segue…

The most delectable thread on Earth.

The thread from the cones is nothing like a bobbin of Nymo. That’s like comparing boiled brussels sprouts and fresh steamed haricots vert, lightly glossed with butter, and finished with tiny, perfect fresh leaves of thyme.

I’ve written a small sonnet to it in the book.

Yes, the last of the Nymo three-ounce cones (those glorious reds and blues) have arrived in Tucson! They will ship to Bead Kit customers next Monday.
Get yours from Fire Mountain Gems, you will never forget it. Yes, I know that they are on backorder. Guess why? I have all of the Nymo in the country. Don’t worry, more will come.

No, I can’t get you any. I weep slightly at the question.

If you order enough beads you can get the cones for $15 plus shipping, if you pay the single item price they are a whopping $26. You can get the lowest price if you order 200 or so small tubes of beads, which you will badly want to do anyway, so your thread spool will cost $545. Maybe $26 is better?

Do yourself a favor and don’t get white. White thread…. I’m not a fan. It always gets dirty over the years (Gabriella taught us to wash our beadwork, we were as shocked as cavepeople told to wash our hands but she’s right.) Worse than the getting dirty part (which is bad enough, frankly) is that is is shreddier, because it’s been bleached. Like hair. It’s not good for fibers to bleach the colour out of them. The deep jewel tones (and the sable brown, my Number One Spool Friend) are simply dyed; they are soft, and strong, and coated, and glorious.

Random helpful information: thread has a grain, did you know that? You should always thread the end that comes off of the spool first. Thread used backward will fray.

And needle-holes have a smooth side (that hole is punched) and a rough side. It’s hard to see things that small, but if you are having trouble threading, turn the needle over, and try from the other side. If you look at the hole under a magnifying glass, you will be simply horrified at the ratty condition of the rough side of the needle hole. You will shudder, to think that your thread, your precious thread, was ever on it.

I HAVE A VERY BUSY DAY AHEAD. I watched my email pile up while I wrote this. 18, 24, 28… 34.

May peace be with you.

(Always, after saying that, I hear in my head the soft rustles and voices, saying reassuringly,  “And also with you.”)

13 thoughts on “Great job, Sir.

  1. I loved Chris Matthews comparing Mitt to the “guy on the plane that refuses to turn off his phone” when he threw out the negotiated rules and asked the President a direct question.

    Thank you for the Nymo lesson about which end to thread. You are invaluable!

  2. Mitt is one of those priveledged children who was probably never told “no”. That’s why he thinks the rules shouldn’t apply to him.

    I thank you, too for the thread tip. I never knew!

  3. I nearly jumped up off the couch screaming “Hell yeah” when Obama called Mittens’ comment about the embassy attacks “offensive”. How dare he, after how he himself exploited that moment of pain for those victims and their families.

  4. My LBS had a 50% off sale in September, and I just swooped on a cone of Nymo while everyone else was grabbing Swarovskis. Hah!

    MItt’ens is getting more and more desperate. I’m very happy Obama called him out on his obvious bullshit. I just hope that the ‘undecided’ folks are seeing the dick behind the curtain too.


  5. You are a fountain of thready knowledge. No I did not know about Michele Obama being denied like that. How rude and disgusting. These people make me sick. OK. Sticking my head back in the sand now.

    • I can’t know why they said no, I simply assume it is because she is black, and Barack Obama’s First Lady. I could grasp it if Barack was in some way evil or reprehensible; but he’s everything conservative Christians they say they admire, a family man who believes in God and loves and is faithful to his wife and children. He lives a life of service. What can they have against him as a human being but his race?

  6. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! I will gently wash my often-used beaded bracelets.

    • I was stunned by how when I removed the finger oils and such from the beads, many of them regained finishes that I thought were lost. I hung my head in caveman shame when I realized that all of my beadwork was really, really dirty.

      : )

  7. I was actually thinking of asking people if they washed their beadwork once they were finished. I am a fairly new beader but I knit and a knitting project is not finished until it is washed. I felt the same way about my beading projects, so I washed them. They absolutely look so much better after a gentle wash. I thought that you experienced beaders would think it weird that I did that. It just made sense to me to remove the dirt and oils from my fingers. Cool to know some beaders do this!

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