strapped in

Lord, my life is busy. I admit that I had thought/hoped/fantasized that all of the work on the book, the arrangements for video, ebook and distribution would all be finalized, and I would be watching the baseball playoffs from a lawn chair or something.

There is no lawnchair. But there is a book getting finished, a video contract to review, and much progress on all fronts. Things are moving ahead steadily and usefully, and the work sparkles as an answer to any question I have about where we are headed.

I am starting to get a bit worn down by the election; I can see dark circles around my eyes. I can’t fathom that so many Americans are so obstinately willing to act against their own self-interest just to prove a point of ideology. Or who stubbornly insist that it doesn’t matter who is President, nothing ever changes. The latter is inexcusable, as any schoolchild knows the importance of Supreme Court and Cabinet appointments and what the attitude of the President means for provocations toward or declarations of war. War is evil; we must not allow it as a method to solve our problems or answer our detractors.

It is reminding me, horribly, of when we elected George W. Bush the second time. We knew more than enough to know better. Frankly, no one liked wealthy elite citizen Kerry. No one likes wealthy elitist tax dodger Mitt Romney, either, but what optimism and a bunch of starry-eyed college kids pulled off last time is in danger of being sunk by racists and fundamentalist Christians, many of whom seem to hold a sparkling white (and in some cases contraception-free) vision of America.

Starry-eyed children of all ages, we need your votes.

I need to wear Cate Jones’s magnificent Heroine Necklace, to put the steel back in my spine!

Beadwork by Cate Jones, design by the mighty Jean Power, photo by Kate

And I need to get back to work. I have a VERY full day of correspondence, illo-checking, and layout.

I love you. I really do.

Also: if you put me up in Felix’s capsule, I would totally jump.

Yay Felix!

8 thoughts on “strapped in

  1. I can see you in Felix’s suit, in a stable position, rocketing through the atmosphere…what a trip!

  2. Put it on and wear it out and about so everybody knows that you are a Heroine with a spine of steel and proteced by Power! Xxx

  3. Although an ancient brit (83 years young) I heartily support your views on the American election – let the wonderful necklace put the steel back and go in there fighting girl. With love Barbara

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