a nice fall day

From our front porch: it sure was a pretty Fall day here in the land of Republican Values Voters.

Lots of yard signs out now in St. Louis County, very few of them for Obama or McCaskill.

The sugar maple I planted for Bill about ten years ago is nice and orange. 

I’m listening to the Cardinals/Giants game, old school, on the RADIO, beading up an all-matte sample of the Zigged Bellyband Rick-Rack start (because matte beads are simply smaller than shiny beads, and I’m measuring how much more an all-matte piece shrinks) and feeling happy to see the lads yet a bit deflated by the Romney-Ryan and Rick Stream yard signs.

I just really don’t like being surrounded by people who think this way, it makes me edgy. They finally have the most obviously nefarious ticket possible, an Ayn Randian “let them eat leftover food from our trash cans” kind of team, a job-destroyer, a tax dodger and a man who believes that he will be a God in the next incarnation (that would be Romney) teamed with a man who thinks that if we just force the poor, the sick and the needy to live on nothing, they will either die off or learn to be useful (that would be Ryan.) These people will also be voting for Todd Akin, who believes that good women who are raped will know how to not get pregnant, and that even morning-after contraception for rape victims should be criminalized. And all of these candidates are in favor of more war, which has to be the most evil thing a person could possibly be in favor of. (Can’t have a proper Armageddon without a world war, you know.)

I just don’t know how to grasp how these people in these houses around me are rationalizing things. So I am staying upstairs, in our sunny bedroom, where my window looks out onto two trees, one golden and green, one green, gold, and every shade of orange. Trees know what to do.

6 thoughts on “a nice fall day

  1. Here on our street in Webster we have a few Obama signs. Woo too! If you’re bored spitless here in the Midwest, get in touch. Maybe we can have lunch. Nancy

  2. I live and swim in a bubble I guess. Massachusetts. Where no one likes Romney since we have already done that. Staying in my bubble with my head firmly planted in the sand is the only way for me to keep sane until it is over……..

    • Hoping for the best and voting is certainly all one can ask of you! I am not cut out for phonebanking or going door-to-door, so I write on the blog, and volunteer on Election Day. We all do what we can stand. I loathe politics, as you know.

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