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Sometimes being on Facebook really pays off. Like when Allison Shock posted this awesome photo reposted by someone else made by someone else somewhere. And I got to see it.


Even the most cursory search will reveal that this image has been ripped off so many times (and sometimes reformatted) that there is no way for the average human to tell where it came from. Who even knows if the image tag on it is real?

. . .

This morning I was pleased to see that one of the most revolting trolls on the Internet got outed by Gawker. I wish more anonymous web douchebags would have their identities revealed. Free speech is protected, sure, but no one is owed anonymity. Especially if they are making the world an uglier place. There is some handwringing about this, mostly in the white male creep community, and I don’t  care at all. I don’t have the slightest concern for any amount of unhappiness felt now or in the future by this… person. It’s called… consequences.

I’ve taken this day to collect myself, pack for a week in St. Louis, kiss Miss Fish extra (she is going to be OUTRAGED when I leave again) and admire this incredible four inch long Manduca Rustica (Sphinx Moth) caterpillar on the Desert Willow outside my bedroom window. Whoa! Thank you Internet for helping me ID it.


I guess it can eat as many Desert Willow leaves as it likes, if it’s going to be a Sphinx Moth. Why not.

Dustin said that he expected oars, or cannons, to emerge from it’s little side-slots.


15 thoughts on “The Internets

  1. The article from Gawker was great. That creep deserved to be outted. Perverse, cowardly assholes like this guy shouldn’t be allowed to own or use computers. He’s what makes the internet dangerous and sleazy. I was just happy to read it. And I wonder if he really did lose his job. I wonder, but I don’t care!

  2. No photos. Nothing but graphic place markers instead of the actual graphics .. is it just me who can’t see them?

    • You and some other people probably using Internet Explorer. The links are fine. I just re-checked them. Refresh your browser, restart your computer, whatever all y’all do when things hang. Or switch to Google Chrome, for God’s sake!

  3. Ewww…I didn’t know such a website existed for posting such disgusting things as Michael Brutch did, yes, I am going to use his name. I just now read about this from that link. What a horrible, base troll he is.

  4. How did you light that beautiful caterpillar? It looks like you used a reflector, but I can’t imagine that’s true. Bravo, Kate! Bravo, Caterpillar!

  5. Love that caterpillar. Looks similar to the ones we had in Key West that lived on coconut palms. If you brushed by them though their tiny hairs hurt like hell. Pretty though! I try not to go to too many places on the web. Something about it scares me sometimes. It is like bringing the entire crazy world into your house.

  6. I’m pretty sure chenille’s side panels blink sequentially at night like on the blimp spelling ads in sphinxese for tasty host plants.

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