soft rain

My day started beautifully, with a bit of soft rain with the dawn, and the call of a hunting hawk in the yard. Everything is so gorgeous outside; the vines are tendrilling up high into the air, and falling back down in beautiful waterfalls. The mandevilla is flowering, the old pool is sparkling, the yard is stuffed with birds- feeders are well-stocked to help out the ones on their ways South. I no longer see many lizards; I guess they are already digging down into the dirt, starting their sleeps. I’ll miss them.

Someone emailed me yesterday to complain that there are too many beautiful pictures on our Facebook page. Someone else wrote in to say that our photographs are too distracting, because they are so colourful. Another person complained that there were too many matte beads and it put her off. This morning, I heard from someone who did not like her silvery/goldy/earthy kit colours but actually said she would rather complain and be unhappy than have a jewel-toned replacement. Can you imagine? I can’t. (Don’t worry, she isn’t getting away with it.) Someone else complained about us naming the Sixagon Chain the Sixagon Chain, as if it were a slap in the face to hexagons everywhere, and the beginning of the end of civilised mathematical discourse. (Hopefully she was joking. I think she was.)

I think it’s just something in the air. Must. Stay. Focused. But admittedly I wish the hawk would eat my email, not just devouring a dove. Never have I liked my email less than during this project. Which is odd, because it’s my favorite book I’ve ever made, and I think the best thing I’ve ever worked on.

Joe Biden eating Paul Ryan tonight would be good too. I hope he knocks it out of the park. Planning on watching?

Cate Jones, Sixagon Chain, photo by Kate

17 thoughts on “soft rain

  1. Just keep on truckin’ Kate. I am astounded at the work and love that you and the team have put into this book. From here it feels like you are pouring your very souls into this project. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but I know you’ll be pleasing most of the people all of the time and all of the people most of the time.

  2. The pictures are fantastic. I sleep with them under my pillow only the volume is getting a little unwieldy. Soon I will have to stuff my mattress. It’s like being a hungry kid in the best stocked candy store in the universe. I love my kit. Everything in it. Even the beads I’m not necessarily drawn to because it’s all about the journey for me. Thank you so much.

    • Well, we are trying to get the shots so clean that they lift right off with a simple Magic Wanding in Photoshop. If they can’t be shot that cleanly, I’ll make a layer that masks out what I can of the background. But the beauty of the layout (which you will see when you see the paper book) is that the images are all rendered on transparent backgrounds, so they can float and overlap. Yes!

  3. What’s up w/people!?! I don’t understand the complaints. I don’t understand how they even have the nerve and the time to email you them. And you know, that I especially don’t even understand the concept of too many pictures.

  4. As the saying goes, “There’s one in every crowd.” But in this case there seem to be 5. I’m sorry you have them in our crowd. But mostly our crowd is so happy with what you’re doing that we won’t complain about anything! Just keep on keepin’ on, Kate. You’re doing a great job!

  5. I love seeing all the beady things come down my news feed. Even though I no longer bead, I am amazed at what you are showing. Keep ’em coming. It is better than all the political crap I end up hiding!

  6. I don’t even bead yet and I have loved watching every bit of your progress. The great photos and colorways are what piqued my interest in learning how to bead, and made me want to pre-order the book. Keep up the fascinating work and don’t let the contrarians get to you. That is their nature, no matter what the issue.

  7. Ok, how on earth can ANYONE have the nerve to actually complain there is too much color and distraction on your pages? If they can’t handle it, then simply don’t go to that page. Duh! Keep it coming, Kate, you are one inspiring amazing lady. I have my kit beads in a special little basket on my desk where I fondle them and they’re waiting for me to have a good enough idea to start using them. They can’t even mingle with my other beads yet; kinda crazy, huh? Soon all will be jumping all over here becoming a cone or hexagon or rick rack or……
    People never fail to amaze me; I just hate it when it’s in a negative way.
    By the way, my Helix arrived back home today; Thanks for being so prompt!

  8. Sixagon is an excellent name!!~ Don’t worry, hexagons have a very big following, they will get by just fine. Love this true violet color, usually there is a leaning-towards-pink error when a color is called violet, this is really the color of violets. Gorgeous! Too much color? The poor souls. My mother was right, here are people “More to be pitied than censored”. Let them quibble, think how hard that life must be… Thank you for my daily dose of color joy.

    • Yeah, she was just kidding about the Sixagons. Funny!

      I also am mystified by the complaint that our photographs are too beautiful, or too colourful. I really have no response to that except… “wha…?”

      Thank you for loving colour and thank you very much for your comment!

    • I can see how it might be overly exciting to some. HOWEVER. It is not appropriate to complain about it. I was mostly highlighting the sort of email I am coping with during this book project. I have a few theories; some of them focus on regional attitudes.

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