Cones redux

I was pleased to see that Jean Campbell did a Beading Daily blog today about the cones that she is making for an interpretive piece for our book. The technique she shows in the blog is quite a bit different than the one we are using though, so I thought I’d put up a blog post to show interested parties what ours looks like.

Last spring, Dustin Wedekind designed a simple, knockout, double-rowed spiral square stitch, which can grow as needed. Dustin’s samples blew our socks off:

Single cones, above and below by Dustin Wedekind. Photo above by Kyle Cassidy, below (along with hanging mechanism and ornamentation) by Kate.

We sent the pattern and a sample to Christina Vandervlist (long before she was a co-author on the book) and to Debi Nicholson at the beautiful Beads Of Colour, and Debi made the Spore Addict Cuff (my photos of which I am hoarding for the book) and Chris made amazingly awesome things like the Cones of Darkness neckpiece (a collaborative design between her and I) and the killer Double Coneflower Ring.

Double Coneflower ring in size 15 rounds, Christina Vandervlist

For those of you who have pre-ordered the book (or if you’d like to, here is a link) the patterns are available (along with many others from the book) on our beautiful Specials For Pre-Orders page on the Book Blog.

You’ll find the TuTu Cuff there too, another unexpected, incredible interpretation of the double spiral from Chris. We featured it on the book blog recently, when we released the pattern.

TuTu Cuff, Christina Vandervlist

Have you tried one of our Double-Spiral Cones yet? Or maybe you’d like to explore the concentric version that Jean Campbell is doing?

We’d love to see, as always!

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