moving forward

I spent my day running around, mailing things, emailing things, answering things, asking things. Cleaning things, photographing things. Getting my fingernails painted the same colour of electric blue as my car (thank you, Terumi, for the lovely gift) paying bills, scheduling the pool gasket repair, filing my papers, getting my tax numbers out, working on the book, going to acupuncture, swimming in the pool, watering the garden, maybe not having any more glass in my foot, thinking new thoughts, answering a fuckload of email, watching more Mentalist, thinking about how I look at the stars in the dark sky when I wake up and I look at different stars in the dark sky when I get into bed. Listening to music.

Life moves forward, no matter what we do. Everything or nothing.

Miss Fish says it’s time for us to go to sleep. She might be right or she might be wrong, but I am going to just go ahead and do it.

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