One sleeping cat, one vine-climby sunshine filled garden, thousands of ideas, sparkling in my head and on the pages of the book in progress, hundreds of  people coming together and sharing not just photos but information about their work. I still can’t say what DAY I’ll be done putting the paper version of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork together but what I know for sure is that it won’t be long now.

Beadwork and photo by Charlotte Aziz, “Doublecone Ring.”  Design Christina Vandervlist.

Things are very beautiful.

As usual, we think, “If we only had more time…” and at this point must console ourselves with the knowledge that we can stuff new ideas into the e-book until the end of time. The e-book will be not only the finished “product” of this entire collaborative gestational period but will be the thing that provides income to all of us (not just Chris and I) over the decades, as new beaders get theirs, and people who already have the book subscribe to updates, and people click on the live links and go to all of our blogs, websites, and shops.

I just know that this book is going to be an instant classic. How could it not be? But I definitely see it more as a download to an IPad or Kindle than a giant warehouse full of spiral-bound paper books that cannot be updated.

The First Edition may be the only actual paper printing; I can’t say for sure. But what I can say is that it will be special, and that if we sell it to a publisher for mass-market distribution, they will absolutely change it. You really might want to pre-order one of ours.

One of my points in saying this is to tell you, unequivocally: If you feel that you should be in this book, and to your knowledge you as of yet are not in this book, you simply must bring yourself to my attention. I am swamped; I don’t have time now to look beyond my own nose. I never look at beading magazines, I don’t go to forums, I’m not doing shows, I’m not on Pinterest, I am on Facebook but only in my own two Parlours; I’m not out trolling the world to see what’s out there.

If you have work made from our ideas that is well made, tight and clean, or if you have original work that you feel relates to (or informs) geometric beadwork, if you own a beautiful bead store and you haven’t either placed a wholesale order (which automatically lists you in our hot-linked Shop Directory) or sent me information on your Shop, if you are someone who wants to go on record with a piece or idea… whatever your scene is, I won’t know if you don’t get in touch with me.

I’ll be sending a note out next week to all of the shops who have ordered the book- we want to advertise your shop, we want to show a photograph of it, you… we want to hear from you about why you run a bead store (because it’s hard work with little profit) and we want to encourage people to support bead stores and sign up for classes.

I want to include everything fabulous; obviously it’s impossible. But I want to. So help me.

Beadwork and photo by Kirsty Little, “Lairy Caldera” Design by Jean Power.

If you want to submit work, please email me screenshots or small sized sample photos of the piece(s) in question- I’ll let you know if I need to have you send it to shoot, if I can use the full versions of your images, or if it doesn’t fit for some reason. If you are taking photos specifically to send in to CGB, please don’t use props, or fabric backgrounds- our preference is for clean, shadow-free shots on clean white. Try to get every bead in focus. We want to turn the bead book world simply ON END with our clear, concise Each Bead Is Awesome photography.

Email address is on the Contact Me link above.

“The Devil’s Eggs Are Hatching”  beadwork by Gabriella van Diepen, photograph Jeroen Medema

You should click this link to Gabri and Jeroen just to read Jeroen’s review of the bizarre Prince show they recently saw. Review is titled “Purple Pain.”

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  1. I so love this work, the concepts and the pictures. Gigantic congratulations are in order.
    I’ve been wanting badly to jump in, and I’m sick that I can’t do it anymore. Hoping that will change with a new climate.

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