Hey Mitt Romney

One of the reasons that I am the person I am today is because I was able to watch awesome shiz like this on PBS when I was a little child.  There is nothing that can make up for a lack of early childhood education; not all children are born into circumstances that let them grasp the universe, the world, the different cultures, the choices, the importance of kindness and education, or how to hook up phrases and clauses.

This was good stuff. And it made me understand that there were choices on how to be. How to think. How to speak. I knew so many cool things before I ever left the house to go to kindergarten. I learned to read!

Mitt Romney, frankly, doesn’t care. And he wouldn’t be able to kill PBS if he tried, even if by some horrible twist of fate he actually got to be President. We wouldn’t let it happen.

Morgan Freeman on Electric Company

7 thoughts on “Hey Mitt Romney

  1. Chances are good that public television won’t be defunded, but I think there are enough of us out there supporting it that it would be just fine if the funding was pulled. I’m somewhat disappointed that more and more (and longer and longer) “supported by” ads are infiltrating PBS, but that trend is likely to continue, especially if the plug is pulled. At least PBS company sales pitches tend to be a bit more .. higher end, if no less fake and phoney.

    • Yes, someone has to pay for the programming, but I have to believe that a single President can’t do worse than take away Federal funding, which is frankly a small portion of their operating budget.

      • I agree. As it would most likely be a Republican who would attempt it (and have attempted it in the past), it would most definitely be political posturing and not anything remotely useful with regard to getting the budget in order. I mean like cutting the military budget. Not even close.

  2. I have been a PBS member for more years than I care to admit, and also an annual supporter, even tho’ I live on what Mitt Rmoney would call a handout…my Social Security. With my ‘poverty level’ income, PBS provides me with a millionaires access to great programming; how could I not try in my own small way to contribute? It does make me feel good!

  3. I’m with Jeanne. I support PBS on my disability income, and agree that it brings access to things found nowhere else, Nova, Great Performances, Masterpiece Theater, Downton Abbey, Antiques Roadshow, and yes, Sesame Street. With help from PBS, my son (who is 41 now and a successful attorney), could read at the age of 2. Without PBS, some kids would never read at all,

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