a soft warm Monday

I added the remainder of my hoard of half-drilled freshwater pearls to the Shop this afternoon. I bought them one lucky day at the Tucson Gem Shows about… ten years ago? Something like that. And I’ve never seen nicer (except really spendy ones of course.) But I only need a few. I have ten sets of 100, then all gone. Forever!

I really dislike clowns. Shudder. Is there anyone alive who actually likes them?

I am a bad yardstick because I do not like parades or slapstick either. But I’m not sure I can watch the clowncentric episode of The Mentalist that just came on. I’m ordered to bed to work today (no hardship) cause I had to get a piece of glass sliced out of my foot. Good times! He told me to soak it twice a day, and I plan to, in the POOL. But I don’t want to think about clowns.

It’s so nice to not have a piece of glass in my foot. I can’t even tell you. It’s been days.


9 thoughts on “a soft warm Monday

  1. Sorry about your foot, heal quickly. How do you bead in bed, I haven’t figured it out very well yet, maybe its because I am so short sighted, need the glasses to find the beads on the needle and can’t stand the glasses on to do the actual bead work. Any fabulous hints? Take it easy till your better. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.

    • I can do ANYTHING in bed! My bed is actually the center of my web anyway; I just sit up straight with the wall behind me, and stretch my legs out, and put my computer or bead tray in my lap. Piece a’ cake.

      I face out to the garden, and the birds, and if I want to I can watch TV or movies. It’s a great spot, and healthier for me than sitting at a desk or a table. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      Anyway, I only WISH I were beading. That luxury is a bit beyond me now; I am in heavy layout and managing a huge team of Irregulars and Collaborators. Lord!

  2. Have you tried the recent BBC Sherlock? It’s rather fluffy, but I confess to finding it entertaining and fun to work to. Watson is adorable. Too short for you, though. ;-)

  3. I am totally with you on both clowns and parades. I know lots of people aren’t fond of clowns, but I thought I was the only one that didn’t like parades! Slapstick depends on the definition: Marx Brothers are a “yes” for me, but the Three Stooges are a definite “no”. (Did I say “no”? I meant to say “NO!”)
    Wishing your foot a short recovery time….


  4. I can’t wait for season 3 of Sherlock either. I wish that there would be more Moriarty, but he seems to be pretty dead.

    Have you seen Wallander? I loved the first two seriesr; this new one isn’t as good. I liked how dark series one and two were. Hard not to like watching Kenneth Branagh.

    Don’t like clowns or slapstick either. Actually, there is a lot of comedy that I don’t find at all funny. Bill Maher makes me laugh out loud though.

    Hope the foot is feeling better.

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