The Paris Hand

What a lovely day I had.

I started it by hanging out at dawn with Mr. and Mrs Chip- I think that they are on a third nest this summer. They are certainly acting like it; time will tell.

I got TONS done, which is wonderful. And the weather is perfect. Just warm enough to swim (90s outside, pool is hovering at 80) but not quite hot enough to have to turn on the AC. Nights cool, luscious, 50s and 60s. This is a glorious time of summer.

I had sushi with Bri for lunch, and the boys started karate today (and loved it.) Evan said, “Just in case anyone was planning on grabbing me from behind and trying to choke me, they can forget about it now.”

I told him that our people had Secret Ninja skilz, and he should ask James Franklin about mine. (I accidentally attempted to attack James when he came to trim trees and turned on my hose out front, startling me; when we each looked up I was on the security door like a flying spider, having somehow launched myself into the air to attack him. Which is nuts; I love James. The locked gate-door saved him.

I try to warn people; don’t sneak up on me. I fly.

I photographed EVERY SINGLE THING that came in the mail while I was gone. I spiffed the Paris Hand with a manicure and some stage makeup. I restocked the bird feed, I paid all of my bills, I thought about Bill, I sorted out all of my photos. I emailed Irregulars and Colllaborators. I did not catch up with all of my email, which makes me sad, but I think one more day will solve that. I hate to be behind on my correspondence; in Normal Times I answer people within the hour. Even at 2 am. It pains me to have some people waiting for days, or weeks.

This, by the way, is Rayo Boursier’s stunning Horned Cuff, which looks like this off of the arm.

Unspeakably excellent.

11 thoughts on “The Paris Hand

    • Disembodied limbs still strike me as unpleasant and surreal; but better the Paris Hand than some of the photos I have seen using real arms and hands. (Shudder.) Etsy, EBay, books, magazines, FACEBOOK. I suppose I would prefer model shots but I don’t have the time or budget. The Paris Hand it is.

      Actually, if it were up to me, I would not show ANYTHING on a hand or an arm, but people cannot accept this. I suppose I grasp why. (Grinchy look.)

  1. Wow, this cuff is amazing! Nice manicure.

    I am going to attempt to photograph the cone ring that I made. I have no skill with photography, so have no idea if I will get a decent shot. Love the ring though.

    Glad that you had a nice day.

  2. My plan is to photograph it tomorrow; have been reading my camera manual today. Hopefully I will have something acceptable to send you. I used one of the little sequins that I got from you in my bead kit…it was just what I wanted for a finishing touch.

    • I KNOW!!!

      I was just thinking of you today, because I came across a glittering hoard of truly great gemstones that I am simply not going to use. And I need some Bullet earrings. I had a nice image of handing over a handful of gems, like I was some kind of trading Bedouin.

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