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I’m home in Tucson (I slid in the door just in time to watch Jim Lehrer lay out the debate rules he would then be unable to force Romney to stick to) and I have unpacked, done my laundry, put away my suitcases, and spent the entire night holding Miss Fish, who hasn’t taken her little cat eyes off of me since I arrived. Poor little muffin. I know she missed me terribly. I missed her too; I thought about her every day.

In the dining room, I have 42 boxes of beadwork and etc. on the table, and a little stack of mail about three inches high. It’s a stunning pile, really. I definitely have my work cut out for me…

I didn’t like the debate at all, but then I didn’t expect to. I hate listening to Mitt Romney- he is, in the flesh, exactly the demographic I loathe- a privileged bully who expects that others will defer to him. He’s held down a gay boy and forcibly cut his hair, he’s impersonated a police officer and pulled people over to scare them as a prank, he’s made his money by loading companies with debt, pulling out the borrowed cash, and letting them crash and burn. He is a job killer, a liar and a tax cheat and an all-around dick. He is a religious zealot, who may or may not believe that he has been Chosen to bring on the End Times. He pretty much bangs every warning bell for me, as does Ann Romney. He had no trouble steamrollering over Jim Lehrer, an ineffectual moderator unprepared to deal with a Rude Man Not Following The Rules. The next one is going to be even worse, as the annoying, tedious Candy Crowley from CNN is moderating. Ugh.

I was hoping that Obama would magically have morphed into a star debater, but he hasn’t. I don’t fault him for this. He is a deep mind, and he wants to be careful to say things that are true, and that he can explain. He would not consider just spouting some loudmouthed lie to score a point, and he has a natural aversion to interrupting, or behaving rudely. Also, John Kerry is his debate partner. Could there be a worse debater than Kerry? I have never seen one.

None of those things makes Obama remotely suited to debate Romney, who does not debate, he declaims. He stood there for 90 minutes and simply lied, bullied, interrupted, and said things that were complete garbage, mixed in with a few things that are true- he will eliminate Obamacare, voucherize Medicare, slash Medicaid and… wait for it… cancel the subsidies for PBS and NPR. Arts and social funding has no place in a plutocracy.

It was stunning. I wished for a moderator like Rachel Maddow, who would call him on his bullshit, I wished that Bill Clinton was speaking for my team. But one of the things that makes Obama seem dull against bluster is in fact what makes him a good leader; he is careful, polite, and he expects numbers to add up and statements to be true.

We’ll see how attached the media is to facts… as many have said, if anyone bothers to make a list of inaccuracies, misstatements and outright lies told last night, there won’t be any room left in their column to talk about anything else. Obama may be boring to listen to in debate format, but he is a good man and I think he’s a great President. I don’t mind a centrist President- as long as things are all being run fairly and cleanly (which never happens but Republicans are the worst cheats and the best liars) I am WILLING to pick up the social slack left by middle ground positions. Yes, I am. I will fund Planned Parenthood and the Visual Thesaurus. I will buy clean food and not eat Chick-Fil-A.

In happy news, Richard Carmona has pulled ahead of Jeff Flake in the Arizona polls… could McStain’s (whoops, KYL’S) seat go to an actual good man?

Edge of seat kind of stuff. I hate it all!

In better news, the sun is up and I can SWIM.

11 thoughts on “42 boxes

  1. Several pieces on BBC and public radio this morning outlined a good chunk of the misstatements and outright lies. I just about peed my pants when Romney made that statement about being accustomed to the hope of repeated lies ultimately being believed due to his having five boys .. talk about projection in the extreme.

    • People generally suspect and/or accuse others of having the personality failings that they see in themselves.

      To call a decent man a liar while lying… wild times. But par for the course for the bullying, entitled personality. He’s just the latest incarnation of the same old story.

      (As you can tell I am not a fan of the demographic.)

  2. Yes. A bully. Just what we need to lead our country. Not. I too am worried and disappointed. Seeing them both up there together was more than scary. Romney at his meanest and Obama at his nicest. Not a good combo. I too kept wishing for Bill up there.

    • Obama tends to play a careful game and to think in advance of play. Romney is not faring well in the shakeout today; I expect a video soon from the Obama campaign showing Romney himself saying ten different things on the same issue. He really shook the old Etch-A-Sketch last night; all of a sudden he’s a sweetheart who cares about jobs and People and poor people whoops I mean Lower Income Folks.

  3. It is a real joy to hear your mind work. If it is not too late when you finish with the book, YOU SHOULD BE A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE. You clarify and iluminate with the brilliance of a magnifying glass. Thank you.

  4. Dear Kate, Thank you for stating the facts. I couldn’t agree with you more & am on the same page.

  5. After reading all kinds of comments and analysis today, you have hit the nail on the head…as they say. Well put Kate!

  6. Ah, Kate, reading this made my heart soar. I wish I had your eloquence. Thank you for putting into words what I what I was feeling.

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