colour and space

I’ve been beading my hands to tatters this past week, but because of the way the dang world works I can’t show you what I’ve been making. Some of it is for Perlen Poesie, some is for a project in the book that we haven’t shown yet. I’d best turn my hands to something I can post about. Because I’m all about the transparency, man. And the light.

Gerhard Richter, painting from a travel photograph

Bill is off to NASA today, taking the house Don Quixote cape out of the closet to continue to champion the noble outer planets and their moons, and lobby for missions to same. It’s a lean time for discretionary science right now, what with yet another hard to explain and harder to pay for decade of senseless war.

I’m flying home to Tucson tomorrow to write things on a big white board and open parcels of beadwork that came in while I was away and write to all of the Irregulars and the Collaborators and the Illustrators and the Writers and the Beaders and just generally coordinate the final campaign toward ink on paper. It’s exciting, exhausting, all of the usual.

Today, though, I must do what I can with my inbox. And my Perlen Poesie Pretties.

I’ve made a stupendous and completely obvious discovery.

I’ll show you later, you will say, “Duh!”

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