Friday in St. Louis

Look what Christina Vandervlist did with the Cone Stitch! Those of you who got the Toho permanent finish silver or gold size 11 rounds (and everyone got either one or the other, or maybe even both) in your Bead Kit, they would ROCK OUT in this piece.

photo Kate, IP4S

It’s time for a Friday update on the Book Blog, time to check in with my co-curators and check on illustrations, time to realize that I’ll be back in St. Louis in 16 days and I haven’t even gone home yet. Time to check in with the growing cadre of Irregulars and make sure that all of their beadwork is in Tucson or on the way there for the final photoshoot, time to sit in a corner and freak out for about fifteen minutes (this is a step taken in the assessment of workload by ALL independent one-man bands, and nothing to worry about) and then time to answer all of the email from yesterday.

Happily worked in there has been some really quality Jasper-petting and Bill-kissing. And I’m just going to sit down and work; that’s the program for the next 90 days. I have the little fantasy that at that point I’ll be able to melt into the woodwork, like a grain pattern you never noticed before.

Vintage French doll eyes, set in brass, opening and closing with little weights behind the eyelids. I have… 8 sets of them. Look how sweetly they are packaged! Can you imagine these set into your work? I was thinking of making myself a ring. 

6 thoughts on “Friday in St. Louis

  1. Definitely want!!!
    By the way, I LOVE my rings!! I kinda’ feel like you practically gave them to me at that price….thank you sooooo much


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