amsterdam, and no cable

I forgot to pull out my phone cable when I stuffed my bag into a baggage locker in Amsterdam Centraal Station this morning, and so I can’t show you any of my fabulous photos. These shots I took in 2008 can stand in for tonight.

After all, what’s changed?


I’m still wearing earrings, which is exciting as hell. I don’t know what came over me, buying earrings and driving them through my previously unwilling flesh. I think it was proximity to Jean Power. She brings on brave and stupid behavior in me. Thank God.

Amsterdam was beautiful today, huge blue skies, sparkly canals, fresh cool air, light rains on and off making rainbows. I saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY and everyone in the street saw it too, and the bikes stopped and everyone got out their cameras and took pictures of the sky. But I couldn’t get anyone interested in doing Double Rainbow Man.

And now I’m falling asleep, four stories up, next to a canal, under the beautiful moon. The window is open and someone is singing in Italian in the square, and tomorrow night I see Bill and the boys. Just thinking of being in Bill’s arms is intoxicating.

I went back to the Stedelijk Museum today- when I was here in 2008, it was in a temporary home, but now it’s in its new digs (the guy who gave me directions said “Yeah, turn there, at the flags, and look for the giant bathtub.”)

I found it. But I did not find this:


Maybe next time.

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