Sunday evening

The lovely Pedrolino came to visit tonight, as he often does.

Joyce leaves tomorrow morning, I can hardly believe how the time flew.

We had dinner on the terrace tonight, under the sky, which turned from soft blue to dark blue, to violet, to pink.

I’m looking forward to seeing Bill and the boys on Weds night… it’s Evan’s 15th birthday, and I can hardly believe how all of my children have grown. How old was Evan when he wrote this little poem? 6? 7? I wish I knew.

He hated to write the date on his schoolwork. We never knew why.

4 thoughts on “Sunday evening

  1. I rememeber your last trip to France–you had some little netbooky replacement for your very ill Mac. What are you using this go-round that you can easily share Evan’s gradeschool poem?

    • That was maybe three years ago? And on this trip I have my IPhone and my MacBook pro- I have been working on the book the whole time I am here, so I have the real deal. I had it then too, but it got a broken screen on the way out and had to spend the holiday in the Paris Apple store getting fixed. Also, netbooks suck.

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