14 thoughts on “Vanves market

  1. Pardonnez-moi, mais combien pour ce l’homme ceci-la?

    Forget about the dog clipper nutcracker just for the mo’ and cut to the chase, people!!!

    Geesh! You are in PARIS! That is one heck of a good looking guy! :)
    Il est formidable! Vraiment!

    On the other hand, the light meter is pretty awesome, I have to admit.

  2. Nothing says French flea market quite like a boar’s head! Any champagne on offer? Oh my, could you bring that handsome Frenchman home for me, pleeeeze???

  3. I would like- in this order:
    1- The donkey (look at those ears!)/ unicorn/ goat hybrid nut cracker
    2- The very nice looking man
    3- The colourful painting behind the nice man

      • I thought he quoted me “un cent Euros” and I balked at the highly collectible nutcracker…maybe he said “trois cent Euros–collectible” instead. Ah-lo-lo. Still a fine nutcracker, mighty fine. Well, um, okay, the very nice looking man is fine as well.

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