Thursday bits and bobs

Above, The Fountain of the Innocents, seen on the way to the Pompidou. All of these photos are taken with my IPhone; honestly, I don’t miss lugging a “real” camera around in the slightest. For me, I think this is the way it is going to be. Light and simple.

Below, the entire Delaunay portrait I showed a section of in the previous post. Freaking genius. I stayed with it for a long time.

And a mirror piece, in which we all become a part of the work, showing a woman in a loud print and green tights bending over a headstone, with a watering can. I apologize for not noting the artist when I took the photograph.

5 thoughts on “Thursday bits and bobs

  1. That is the Wicked Witch of the West. Her shoes (are they red?) are caught under the stone.
    Like your new dress. and everything else about you.

  2. the Delaunay portrait almost looks like fabric-a tapestry- is it charcoal? SO enjoying your journal and photos–thanks

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