Wednesday afternoon, Paris

Today we went to meet my flaneurs at the Edgar Quinet food and crafts market- it was excellent in every way. I bought (more) lavender honey, two of the cutest beeswax candles you may have ever seen, some lavender oil, and an excellent shirt. A banana.

After that, a short train ride to the Catacombs, so that Chris and Matt could go down while the girls stayed above ground and shopped for chocolates, skirts, and lunch. I bought a lovely swishy long black silk skirt; both Charlene and Danielle found nice pieces as well.

Above, selections at the stunning Jeff de Bruges chocolate shop in the 14th arr. I bought a small assortment; autumn pralines, dark cherry chocolates, a bonbon in the shape of a walnut, another formed like a small ear of corn.

Below, just a few streets away, the Fromagerie Vacroux et Fils. Cheeses wanted to ride with me to the museums and shops, but sadly I could not let them.

After that, we headed for the Branly museum, a lovely building surrounded by fabulous monuments, and right on the Seine. The face of the museum was alive; plants of all sorts and flowering vines twining up the facade.

The interior of the building was fascinating, with gill-like sections, soaring points, and huge windows that reflected the clear blue sky, and the exhibit on human hair was great- a real overview and retrospective of hair and hairstyles in general, across all cultures. I loved it.

The Tour Eiffel was just down the street. I can’t imagine ever tiring of seeing it. It’s in a bin with things like the St. Louis Arch and the Sydney Opera House- the answer will always be “yes.”

Tomorrow, finally, the Pompidou, the Abbesses shopping district, Corpus Christi, and Montmartre.  Friday, Saint-Germain and the Left Bank.. or…? Saturday and Sunday, the flea markets begin again. Whee! I’ll have to catch up with the museums in the evenings.

Sadly, I didn’t get to see Bronwen tonight- I was looking forward to it, but there was a missed connection in the afternoon, and that was that.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday afternoon, Paris

  1. I’m so glad y’all are having a fabulous time. Living vicariously although I get to go to Paris in a few weeks for my 50th! Love the posts!

  2. I will have to tell my sister about the human hair exhibit you mention. She is one of the vey few who makes jewelry out of human hair in this country. Thanks for all of the informative and interesting updates.

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