Paris, day 7

I woke up to a soft morning; my garret skylight faces west, looking up toward the Sacre Coeur (which I cannot quite see, as there are trees and a rooftop in the way) and as the sun rises over Paris behind me, it lights the treetops first. I can judge the time of morning by how far down the trees the sunsparkle goes.

Today, we will make our week’s plans. Hopefully my flaneurs have shaken off their day of arrival and have their Metro passes and are ready to rock. This is the day that all of the museums are closed; I still haven’t seen the Richters, and that’s just silly. But you know how it is, it takes about a week to settle into a new part of the world, feel on top of your energy, get used to your bed, find things in the dark.

After my shower, I answered my email, as I always do, and sadly one person didn’t like her bead kit. We’ll make sure she gets what she needs- she is a brights person who got neutrals, which can be a letdown. And the Delicas, most of which are from the high-end series (300s, and 1000 and up, matte ABs, etc.) don’t always scream out “I cost the Earth!” but they do. I tried to buy the ones that most people don’t buy for themselves. I know I am always personally tempted to sub in the 700 series blues for the 300s… the plain reds for the really deep ones…I think, who can tell? But you can, definitely, in the quality of the finished pieces. The little packets of the gold mix, if you got those… dang. Those beads, the true copper charlottes, the out of print reds… ah. The delicate ivory, the subtle shimmering matte AB purples and cobalts…there are some true treasures in there.

I want to cuddle Miss Fish! I wonder if she can tell that I’m thinking about her, mentally kissing her little soft belly. Pedrolino (our shared French cat) is lovely but not exactly a cuddlebunny.

Bronwen Heilman gets into Paris tonight, it will be fun to see her. Everywhere I go in the world, I see people that I know. It’s a nice feeling.


5 thoughts on “Paris, day 7

    • I know, I miss her badly. Normalement, when I do not have Miss Fish I have Bill, or the Dread Pirate Jasper to cuddle with. Pedrolino is delightful but will not cuddle. He does permit me to pick him up, but is not a lap cat.

  1. Kate have you been to the Musee Rodin? I love sculpture and seeing Rodin just gave me chills.
    I love reading your posts. Paris is one of my favorite places on earth and you’re making me feel as though I were there too. I can almost smell the air.

  2. Got my bead kit today and I LOVE it! I love how there are beads I already have…but beads I don’t, that will well w/them. Also love how I already have some beads and sequins that I already bought from you in workshops! But it’s even nicer to have more!

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