Paris Day 2

The morning is beautiful; the view from the skylight in my garret is of a huge blue sky, with a cool breeze and the sounds of the day beginning. Joyce is showering; we will walk out to the boulangerie for a croissant and espresso soon. I have unpacked my nine scarves and three pairs of shoes and four books and my little sack of chargers, and I am settled into my triangular mouse-hole at the top of the stairs.

It’s like I’m eight miles high…

We meet the mighty Jean Power at noon today, at a train stop, and then… ? Espace Dali, most certainly. Cafe Paulbot? Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, perhaps, at St. Chappelle?¬†The bottles of champagne and rounds of Comte in our fridge?

I have not yet seen Bryan Ferry. But I do not rule it out.

14 thoughts on “Paris Day 2

  1. Wow! Your hair looks fantastic that length! 10 years younger and I am not kidding. Not that you looked old before, but you look twenty. Love it! Glad you are away and having fun! Enjoy!

  2. Jesus Kate, you’re not only evolving at warp speed but coming more fully into your delicious beauty! What a vision.

    Eat something lovely for me today. Ooh, if it occurs to you, send me a strong thought vibe when you’re enjoying “my treat” and for fun, I’ll try to guess what it was. Like kind of a vicarious psychic Paris experience! ha ha!

  3. It looks like the beginning of the college student graduation trip to Paris before starting the dream job. You have the dream job, and the trip and still look like the college student!!!

  4. Thanks for inspiring me to continue on my goal to travel to Paris for my 60th birthday! Now I will redouble my efforts to make it happen! You three are a great trio. Taking the place by storm already. Now with Jean…look out!

  5. Your hair is STUNNING! Love, love, love it Love. It.

    And I am so jealous of your little mousehole, and a day in Paris with JEAN POWER, and champagne, and Vivaldi. Jealous in the nicest possible way, of course, a way that says ROCK ON. Rock. On.

  6. Love the cut – so carefree.
    I so yearn to return to Paris and devour the sights, sounds, smells and cuisine.
    Avoir un temps magnifique. I will go play Vivaldi ….

  7. Really can’t add much to what the others have said, but I will anyway; you look gorgeous.

    Now, wouldn’t that be a trip if you were to run into Bryan.

  8. Your haircut is so great on you. It makes you look like 20-something girl! I love it’s natural wave and curl. It’s just so free and easy looking. I’m glad to see this! Paris. Jean Power. AHHH. Lucky you!

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