A Perfectly Ordinary Day

I had a perfectly ordinary day yesterday, in that I ended up bounced of a flight to Paris in the city of Philadelphia, which of course is the city of residence of the magnificent Kyle Cassidy and the civilised, glamorous Trillian Stars.

When I emailed Kyle to say “I might be stranded in Philly overnight on Monday, are you in town?”

he said, “You want to miss that flight and come party like a rock star instead!”

And so it was.
A Perfectly Ordinary Day At the Kyle Cassidy and Trillian Stars Residence, photo Kate McKinnon IP4S

We got dressed up, and we got into a black SUV with black windows and we went to El Vez, the restaurant that Bill has been telling me to go to for years. Swank!

Except that when we arrived, El Vez was booked for a private party, and despite our magnificent and assorted appearance we were turned away a the door.

Turfed to street. 

Happily we then had some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had at El Azteca. Win! Then we walked through the soft, electric blue end of the day sky to the Theater of the Living Arts, where we saw Amanda Palmer and her cast of Irregulars give a spectacular show.

It was magical, and I am enhanced, and now, unbelievably, I am about to board a flight to Paris. I will regale you with photos.

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  1. I was only bumped once and it was snowing in a city where I knew no one. It had none of the wonderful aspects of your day. Enjoy the flight and even more Paris! My mother told me that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world!

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