Today, and this weekend, I’m wrapping up the things to do before I ship out. Mailing the pretty bead kits, sending my MC kiln to its new loving home with Terumi, finishing up the things on my desk. It’s been a long couple of weeks, with a lot of work, sure, but also a lot of progress (which isn’t always the result from a lot of work, you know) and I feel happy, heading out to Paris.

Speaking of the French, did you see this excellent video when it came out last year? I was so pleased to see it win some kind of hilarious “Best Cat Video of The Year” award. Un chat philosophique…

This was the first one they did:

“I do not have opposable thumbs….”

God help me from ever being Henri, wasting my days wishing for what I do not know.

Time for a swim, and to have a look at that To-Do LIST.

8 thoughts on “friday

  1. Oh, so do I! This is one of my favourite blogs. Chris, I can’t get in to comment on yours, but I read it.

  2. Did you see in Marcia Decoaster’s blog that she is working on the Helix bracelet. I commented and asked what she was using to make it. Go over and see and then insist she have it done in time to be photographed to appear in your book! Have a great Paris trip.

    • Oh, she intends to finish it for the Gallery. I am so excited that she is making it! Maybe I will brave the Blogger comment battleground to try to leave a comment on her blog. It’s exhausting- Blogger hates Macs using Chrome.

  3. I’m on a Mac using Chrome and haven’t had any blogger issues. I keep reading about them and thanking my lucky stars!

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