Do you know, I just have to say- this has been the most wonderful and overwhelming day.

Although Jean Power and I are both exhausted from 14 straight hours of explaining how we arrived at a solution for our problem of abundance, we are happy to have it figured out. Abundance isn’t a bad problem to have, but we were staring down over 50 projects, 400 pages, almost 4000 images… what on Earth were we going to DO? We couldn’t afford to make a box set to deliver to people who ordered a single book- we didn’t want to be working through the Spring on a sequel- we needed to finish, and we were having trouble seeing our way through the forest, not to mention communicating across eight time zones.


I badly wanted to include the work of the community, but where was the space coming from? And suddenly we understood that we actually DID have two books, and we knew how to do it. After all, a problem of excess is only a problem if you can’t manage it, and you waste your resources, and you can’t get people on your team.

And so we thought of a solution, one where we each take hold of exactly as much as we could manage- and Jean will shepherd her beautiful, comprehensive body of work, and I will manage and curate the community endeavor; the work of hundreds of hands and thousands of spirits; the work that celebrates not only the forms that Jean pioneered but the new ideas that we’ve brought to the table to further explore them. I love Jean Power to pieces, and Contemporary Geometric Beadwork not only continues to feature her work, it is dedicated to it.

I’m left at the end of the day glowing from a gentle speech by a good man who means well, and who cares about me. I think of the grace my President brings to the table, and I feel as if we could do anything that we set our minds to do. Good role models can’t be underestimated, and I have them in spades. Also, LIZARD BABIES.

This Friday’s update for our Specials for Pre-Orders is the much-requested Single Cone, and I think you guys are going to really love this one. Those of you who’ve ordered from Jean, please continue to participate! The password is unchanged.

We can’t wait to see what you do with this pattern!


Cones by Dustin Wedekind, model Gabriella van Diepen, photo by Kyle Cassidy.


8 thoughts on “overwhelming!

    • All sorts of cactus near her, but the one she is reaching past with the cones is a jumper, yeah- the segments can leap onto you if you just get near them. Painful!

    • Remember Emma Bull, talking to that stupid piece of cholla, saying, “Oh, you cute little cactus, and then it got stuck in her, and then stuck in Kyle, and me, and you, and everyone but Gabri? HA!!!!

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