Just to be clear!

People have asked the question- “If I ordered your book through Jean Power, which book am I GETTING?”

If you ordered Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, that’s exactly what you are getting. And it’s still chock full of Jean Power Genius. Her Caldera Bangle alone, one of our favorite book projects, represents decades of thought and work on 3-D triangles, and spins into many other related projects in the book, from our Power Puff Ring to our Mixed Geometric Rope. Our book is huge, well over 200 pages, and it features the work of literally hundreds of beaders from all over the world. And you, too, we hope! Send in your photos of your interpretations of our ideas! We want YOU in our Galleries!

There isn’t a chance that our book could contain Jean’s entire life’s work, though. Not a chance. So we are so glad that she is putting that together.

If you ordered Contemporary Geometric Beadwork from Jean, you can simply choose which book you want- Jean will send you whichever you prefer. As a featured contributor to CGB, she’ll have a huge towering stack of books to send out.

Never fear! A new book in the world is a cause for celebration!
I’ve already cleared a space on my shelf for it.

2 thoughts on “Just to be clear!

    • Oh, likely the same as ever- all of the “work” is done (!) and now we are in layout. Being able to split this huge massive pile of awesome into two stacks is what will actually allow us to deliver on time. I have press time booked in the first week of November for CGB.

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