Baby lizards!!

Joy of joys, this morning while watering I saw the first of the babies from Alexander and Orangelina. He was about three inches long from tip to tail, and scampered adorably into Orangelina’s hideaway in the Snicketsuckle.

This is like a grainy photograph of Nessie, but I don’t want to get so close I scare a little baby. Look! His neckband is gloriously purple-black, and his little tail is so new and soft. Precious!

We’ve made a lot of safe places for lizards to hide from birds and catz, but we can’t hide lizards from lizards. Good luck to you, little Xander, and watch your back…

6 thoughts on “Baby lizards!!

  1. we have “blue bellied” lizards out here–when I’m out watering, it’s startling to see 1-1/2″ babies scooting off through the mulch in search of a dryer spot . They are perfect miniatures!

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