About to faint with excitement

Guess what? The beady world is getting a new book!
Jean Power is putting together a WHOLE OTHER BOOK of her beadwork!

We have so much work for Contemporary Geometric Beadwork that it’s practically leaving a bruise in our laps, or cracking our airline tray table off at the base. So while Jean is still proudly and spectacularly featured in CGB, she’s doing another entire book, on her own, featuring the huge library of genius she’s stacked up over the years.

Pentagon Bangles by Jean Power, photo by Kate (IP4S)

She has so much new work that my head spins just thinking about it. I haven’t been this excited about a new project since we announced our own, last year. Her life’s work is a spectacular collection, and it deserves to be presented as such. I’m just so happy for her, happy for us.

Rock on, Jean Power!

9 thoughts on “About to faint with excitement

  1. I was so excited about this book because of Jean’s involvement and her work. I’m sure all of it will be great, but I really have loved Jean’s work for a long time. I’m very sad to hear that only two projects in this book will be hers. And that to get hers, I’ll have to pay more than $55. I’m sure your book will be great (and I did order it before Jean, when it was just you & Dustin) but this is disheartening to me!

    • Oh, Jean is ALL THROUGH the CGB book! But of course if you want to have only one, and you prefer it be hers, then of course you can have that. All you have to do is ask. We don’t mind a bit. Especially as we know that eventually, you will want them both!
      ; )

  2. I’m disappointed I am not getting what I pre-paid for and there will only be two of Jean’s projects in the book now. I pre-ordered this book because of Jean. I live in the US. Do I have a choice which book I receive? I have concerns now about the percentage of doing projects in CGB versus just photo’s to look at.

    • Of course you can choose. Just email me at kate@katemckinnon.com and let me know your preference. Just to be clear, we do have over 20 stepped out projects, but yes, there are a lot of photographs. Skillions. I am very interested in featuring the work of the community of beaders, and showing lots and lots of creative variations. That’s where it’s at for me.

  3. Thanks for responding and I will let you know soon. Sorry if my previous comment came across mean; it wasn’t intended. I was just shocked to hear the news and I really didn’t know your work before. I’m sure both books are going to be awesome but was very surprised about the change and really can’t afford both. Such a dilemma!

    • Oh, don’t give it a thought! You can’t go wrong with either, and you will surely end up wanting both. In the meantime, are you exploring the Specials for Pre-Order pages? We are releasing pattern after pattern! We’d love to see your versions; CGB is the community showcase, while Jean’s book is a collection of her life’s-work. They are complementary; I have dedicated CGB entirely to the inspiration of Jean’s genius.

  4. I already want both! That’s not the issue. For me, it’s affording two. I’ve paid for yours. Jean’s is more than $55. That’s a lot for someone living on a shoestring like we are!

    • I refuse to be anything other than positive about it! We aren’t going to toss out half of the work, and we can’t afford to produce a boxed set- we had to do SOMETHING to manage our abundance.

      If you want to switch to Jean’s, I’m happy to do it for you, of course, but please email me about it rather than leaving it in the comments, OK? I need a digital record or my filing system goes to hell.

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