I love you, Bill Clinton.

That’s all.

And you should be in charge of explaining everything to anyone.

Clinton’s speech tonight at the DNC was like sunlight into the dark hearts of the Ayn Randians, vulture capitalists, racists, and Tea Partiers. He emphasized that what is morally right (caring for the poor, supporting human rights, strengthening education, caring for our planet, being responsible about national relations and natural resources) is also good business. He explained the genius new student loan proposal, which ties payback to income, so that people are free to GET an education and then take modest jobs or choose a life of service without fear of drowning in debt. He explained Obamacare, and what Medicare and Medicaid actually covered.

And he laid out a clear record of the last fifty years- two and a half decades of Republican polices, which have led to staggering gaps between the rich and the poor, to war, to debt, and to the stagnation of growth, and two and a half decades of Democratic policies, which have led to economic recovery, double the job creation, more time of peace, and a better record on human rights, social stability, and, important but often overlooked in all but Bhutan, national happiness.

The overall record speaks for itself. And Clinton can speak for me ANY TIME HE WANTS TO.

Just… wow.  The man gets better every day.

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    • Well, or racists. Or fundamentalists who refuse to vote for a pro-choice, gay-friendly candidate, despite the unmitigated evil of war, which is what Romney and Ryan want to bring. But they are too small a number to win an election, if the rest of us get out there and VOTE.

  1. Amen! I also loved the nun from “Nuns on the Bus,” who spoke of all the people who have died because of lack of health insurance. She said that access to health insurance was her idea of Right to Life. What a genius contrast to the Republicans!

  2. It made me remember how happy we were to get a leader, a President, who was smart. He always gave a great speech. We had to wait 8 years to get another such leader, and I don’t intend to let President Obama get away without giving us another four years!

    • Yes, it’s been painful in the past to have the Dan Quayles and George W. Bushes representing us, mangling language. Mitt Romney went basically on VACATION to a few countries last month and offended the people and governments in every one of them. We just don’t need that right now. We need to soothe the waters, not stir them, and set an example, not enforce ideas with weapons that we don’t ourselves live up to.

  3. It was so deeply soothing to hear this man articulate positive, cooperative ideas. I love them all, Barack, Michelle, Bill. They speak for me!

  4. I loved the ‘scorecard’ bit. If that didn’t get some robotic Republicans thinking, nothing WILL, sadly.

    Are there polling place monitors in Ohio and other spots to look for ‘turn-away fraud’? A teenaged “volunteer” at my polling place tried to turn me away when I was dropping off my absentee ballot, last election. Told me I had to deliver it to the county seat. I told him he was wrong in a very. loud. voice. Then I repeorted him to the polling place captain. The local Mormans (we had gay marriage on the ballot) were out in force at all polling places, with clipboards and voter rolls of their congregations checking off who votoed. They also placed electioneering signs in the parking lot!! They knew it was against the law, but did it anyway. gads.

    • There are plenty of thoughtful conservatives, women, gays, and people of colour in the Republican party who have to be just horrified at the hate their party “leaders” are spewing, and their devotion to obstructionism. Everything Clinton said last night is true, including the fact that Obama is still interested, despite their atrocious behavior, in constructive collaboration.


  5. I LOVE Bill!! He is such a breath of fresh air in a room full of thick, murcky lunacy! I would vote for him again, if he would run. This DNC has given me new hope for the future. I’m so proud that we currently and, hopefully, will continue to have a President who thinks. Thinks about us, thinks about what is right and has the courage to carry it out.

  6. Chiming in late here, but want to urge everyone to contribute to the Obama campaign at whatever level you can. There’s no better way to make the sentiments expressed here real.

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