Shop update

I must confess that I have updated my Shop again. As tomorrow is a holiday (those always sneak up on me) instead of shipping your beauties, I will simply make more, and extend the sale for another day. It’s nice to have free shipping, isn’t it? Nicer for me too, much less work.

There are earrings in there, fun ones, and some nice clasps. As a side note, can you believe the clean shots of shiny metal from the IP4S? Having taken (and having seen taken) many, many photos of metal, I am astounded. No amount of glare seems to fool it; the shots are easy. Sigh. If only I had had this tool many years ago.

On another side note, have you noticed that people seem to be all up in your grill today? I sure have. What is it, something in the air? The full moon?

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