busy friday

I’ve been like a busy executive today, missing only the pinstriped suit. (I went with a little red sundress and bare feet instead.) I’ve managed a list of action items that would make me feel queasy to think about if I had been even close to stupid enough to think about it before assaulting it. One must simply charge ahead some days.

Anyway. So much was done. My swelling (and swell) team of Irregulars is rocking all of the Test Beading (and yes, I always have room for more; all you need to do is order the book and you are welcome to join my madcap gang.)

Miss Fish was exactly this much help today, really, she was in complete Fishstick mode. Toes pointed, arms akimbo, tail gently waving back and forth in her sleep. This cat has been in this bed for TEN HOURS, save for the ten minutes she got up to have lunch.

One thing I’ve noticed about cats is that they are not striving for self-improvement. I mean really not at all. The concept doesn’t enter into their consciousnesses, as far as I can tell, other than the obvious necessity of staying sharp, and improving their leaping and hunting skills. But personal improvement, no. I don’t think they think about it.

I’ve had a busy day in the Shop. Thanks so much to everyone who peeked, linked, bought something, or had nice thoughts about Rings. I really appreciate being able to post work and sell it like that. It’s a kind of magic I couldn’t quite make it without.

I’ll be adding to it all weekend.

Also, did you catch Jon Stewart and Leonard Nimoy on the bio of Mitt Romney and/or Steven Colbert on Paul Ryan? Thank God for them, because I can laugh hilariously for a minute or two when contemplating these asshats that are threatening to take us to war with Iran. This is serious business. And I don’t like it. So it helps to be able to just laugh at it from time to time.

Clint Eastwood provided a lot of humour last night as well, when he debated with an invisible Obama in a chair. And lost. WTFF? If you saw the Internet explode with ha ha today, you will enjoy this:

I love my elegant, intelligent, moderate, well-spoken, sensible President. I really do.

3 thoughts on “busy friday

  1. I was thinking earlier that you were having a very busy day; glad to see that it was good day for you and the Fishstick (that cracked me up).

    While I have come to loathe politics, I was really wanting to see the Jon Stewart and Leonard Nimoy bit, however the vid is not available to us Canadians; actually neither vid is.

    I did see that the internet was full of something about Clint Eastwood, so had a look to see what all the fuss was about and it really was quite a bizarre thing indeed.

    • Oh, Jon Stewart featured Leonard Nimoy narrating a parody version of Romney’s video bio, and it was hilarious beyond words. From being the winning sperm to convincing a local businessman (George Romney) to fund his education, it was just perfect. And Leonard Nimoy! Genius!

      Nimoy flashed Obama the LLAP sign during the first campaign, and won whatever of my heart he didn’t already have.

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