Admittedly I have had a long sloggy sort of day, featuring shortages, missed connections, a couple of serious cases of postal or Customs entropy, and some realllly slow communications. I’m emailing with people using a sophisticated 21st century satlink, with my transmissions covering the globe in seconds, but it feels like some of them are responding by carrier pigeons who stand in line to use Dell PCs in Internet cafes in India. Frankly, by the time 24 hours has gone by, I can have completely forgotten who you are, nevermind why I emailed you.

Ah, beautiful Jean Power Pentagon Bangles, when will Customs let you go?

On the up side, I got to play with beautiful Calderas, I made more headway on the projects I’ve been soldiering away at, and I FINALLY got another view of the conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Spica. They are so much further south now… when last seen here (WEEKS ago) they were considerably more westerly. And it can hardly be called a “conjunction” anymore; Saturn and Spica are still neatly paired, looking like a tilted Gemini, but Mars is simply a glittering orange orb, lurking about the fringes of Virgo.

Tomorrow, thankfully, is another whole day.

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  1. No wonder you can get so much done You get up when I go to bed. What time do you go to sleep? I thought you live a life where you have 48 hour days. You and what you do are really amazing!

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